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You Will NEVER. Believe. This!

I mean, even with the other stuff on this show being so dumb, this Quinn "arc" is insulting. Suffice it to say that he's passed out on his floor when Batista, and I'm not sure why he's even involving himself rather than just let Quinn get fired, shows up. It doesn't take long for Quinn to realize that in the process of hooking up with some stripper in the back of his car, he lost both his gun and his phone, so he tracks the latter's GPS to a location that's apparently halfway across town. Awesome, see you next episode! (Sigh.)

Deb's morning is looking up, as the father of the dead call girl from last week accosts her in the station, who knows all about her cracked sternum and the paramedics' claim that they didn't perform CPR. Deb asks how he came by the information, getting this reply, "Does it matter?" Deft way to evade the question, writers! Deb tries to give the bureaucratic "My hands are tied" response, prompting the guy to go to the "I don't know if you have kids" well. Cliché trump card! Seriously, why doesn't he just go to the press? Maybe he doesn't want everyone knowing his daughter was a hooker, but it seems like that's going to get out one way or the other. His plea, however, gets Deb to offer to "run it upstairs," and after last week I can't believe she thinks this will go anywhere, but I suppose she has to say something to get the guy out of her office.

Masuka comes in to talk to Greene, who validates my original faith in him by correctly explaining that Batista doesn't think he's good enough for Jamie, although I probably would have pointed out that he'd surely feel that way about anyone. Then Masuka, despite getting his gross hormones all over it, gives him some sound advice about Jamie, saying he needs to tell her how special she is, and then she'll be the one to take care of Batista. Great, Masuka made me not want to kill him for almost three seconds. Moving on!

Dexter is on the phone with that professor's school and has adopted a pretty good stoner voice as he acts like a failing student who needs to talk to the guy. He secures the dude's schedule (and given his stoner voice, I'll give credit for the part where the professor teaches at the "Burner Hall Of Science")...

...and then turns up to the Colon, at which Colin Hanks asks if he found Tyler Durden, like YOU GAVE HIM NO LEADS AT ALL, guy. Dexter does offer that Tyler Durden updated his blog, and Colin Hanks busts out his laptop (he has that how and why, now?) and theorizes that the "false prophets" idea is pointed at him. Dexter asks if he's heard of that atheist professor ("Trent Casey" is his name), and Colin Hanks has, adding that Tyler Durden hates him. He wonders how they find him, and Dexter replies, "I'll let you know." Yes, please do!

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