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You Will NEVER. Believe. This!

As Dexter sets up a kill room at the church, Harry babbles at him for a while. Relevant info is that (a) Dexter intends to give Colin Hanks the identity of one of his kills so he can start a new life, (b) Dexter resents Harry for not even trying to get rid of his Dark Passenger, (c) it's important to Dexter that Colin Hanks be given a second chance. I mean, "whatever" barely covers it, right?

Staking out Casey's office building, Dexter asks Colin Hanks what EJO is like, and Colin Hanks answers a bit of a different question as he says that EJO took him under his wing and convinced him that God had chosen them to be the two Witnesses. Dexter asks why he'd want to bring about the end of the world, which is actually a terrific question, but Colin Hanks merely replies, "Have you ever wanted to wipe everything clean and start your whole life all over again?" and Dexter seems moved by that instead of pointing out that there are ways to do that that are slightly less drastic than CUTTING PEOPLE UP AND ENDING THE WORLD. Dexter offers that once Tyler Durden is gone, Colin Hanks will be able to start again, and then Colin Hanks "sees" Tyler Durden nearby, and Dexter... takes his word for it without looking? Wow. Not even trying anymore. I mean, if the show feels the need to have EJO walk by in front of us, it seems clear that Colin Hanks is truly seeing him and that he thinks he actually exists. But think about it, given what's to come: Is that at all logistically possible? Essentially, this means that every time he's separated from Dexter - updating the blog and now doing all the stuff he needs to do to pull off killing Casey, and the ridiculous amount of work required to set up the tableau - is being done in some sort of fugue state, with no planning of it before and no memory of it after. It's just not possible. If, on the other hand, Colin Hanks is actually aware of what he's doing, that's more supportable as far as the logistics go (although I still maintain many of the tableaus have required far more work than one person could do, even the MacGyver of religious nutjobs, as Colin Hanks appears to be), but it means that the show has been cynically dangling images of EJO in front of us when Colin Hanks hasn't really been seeing them, or at least is aware that they're not real. But the most likely scenario is that the writers know that none of this makes sense when you think about it for more than two seconds and are relying on the bulk of their audience not to notice, which is hateful. I imagine they will give some sorry attempt at explaining Colin Hanks's mental affliction (because with THREE episodes left, how else are they going to fill the time), but I expect it to make as little sense as everything up to this point has.

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