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You Will NEVER. Believe. This!

As if to back me up, when they enter the building, Dexter decides to take the elevator to try to catch Tyler Durden, as if that's any way to sneak up on him, and not five seconds later, the lift stalls. So we're to believe that Colin Hanks's fugue state kicked in immediately upon the elevator doors closing, and he took not five seconds after that to disable the elevator (which I don't know how he would even do; don't you have to find the control box?) Preposterous, even in context. Dexter manages to climb out of the car but can't get the door to the next landing open, but then he hears a noise, and momentarily, Colin Hanks is using the fire axe to pry the doors open. Oh, and speaking of momentary events, the amount of time between the elevator stopping and Dexter hearing Colin Hanks above? One minute fourteen seconds. One minute fourteen seconds for Colin Hanks to get up at least to the fourth floor (we saw the elevator pass the third floor before it stalled), to find a weapon, presumably the axe, to injure Casey without getting any blood on himself, to restrain or incapacitate him, to, presumably, hide him someplace not only where Dexter wouldn't find him but also from which he wouldn't be able to escape, because it's going to be a while before he can get back and finish the job, and then go back, clean the axe, and get to work on the door. Impossible, fugue state or no fugue state. They needed more time even in The Sting.

Also, Dexter asks if Colin Hanks saw Tyler Durden, and you'd think it'd give Dexter pause when he says no. He was very clear that the only points of egress were the disabled elevator and the stairs that Colin Hanks used, right? I guess after last week at the church he's under the impression that Tyler Durden can fly, because I don't know how else he could explain that escape. Anyway, they go to the office and find papers strewn about and a small amount of blood on the floor, and Dexter conducts no search at all...

...instead heading back to the hotel room and coming up with the bright idea for Colin Hanks to send Tyler Durden a message saying he's reconsidered and needs to see him. Colin Hanks says he'll do it immediately, and Dexter tells him to keep at it and to call him as soon as he responds. And no internet porn while you're at it!

In the morning, with Harrison on his lap, Dexter checks the blog and sees that Colin Hanks posted as the "Prodigal Son" (obvious, but I'll give him that one), and asked to come home, getting no response. Deb then calls with the news that DDK struck again at Miami South...

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