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You Will NEVER. Believe. This!

Deb runs into LaGuerta in the elevator, and LaGuerta, after a cursory inquiry as to whether Deb's okay after the bloodbath, starts to tell her that she can't reopen the call girl case, but Deb, so over this conversation her nose is bleeding, replies that she knows this dance, and she's not participating in it anymore - she's breaking the pattern. "If you have a problem with me investigating a potential homicide, which is my job, then fire me. Otherwise, I am reopening the case." Nice, Deb. LaGuerta's speechless in the face of Deb's newfound power, allowing Deb to make a clean getaway...

...and then outside, we get the real and completely obvious reason LaGuerta's been on Deb to drop the matter - Matthews was the john involved. I mean, who else? He swears he did all she could to help the girl and wonders what Deb is thinking, and LaGuerta of course can't resist opining that said tenacity is why Matthews promoted her, against LaGuerta's recommendation. LaGuerta then assures Matthews that she'll handle Deb, because Lauren Velez is still a series regular and God knows they don't have anything else for her to do.

Dexter calls Colin Hanks and tells him about Casey's death, and Colin Hanks explains the hand's significance - the phrase "the writing is on the wall" originally came from the Bible as a warning that the reader's number is coming up. Colin Hanks then informs Dexter that Tyler Durden contacted him through the blog and wants him to meet him at the church that night. He does not, however, tell Dexter about the hand or the bloody message, not that that's going to be relevant for long. Once they've disconnected, Deb comes in for the Bowls blood work, and after Dexter tells her it came back pathogen-free, he offers that he's there if Deb needs to talk. Deb, however, isn't interested, so Dexter asks if they're okay. Deb: "I have no idea if you are. I'm sure not, but I'm working on it." Once she heads out of Dexter's office, Greene comes bounding up with the IP address they're been looking for, and Deb takes him and Anderson... some business that has an unsecured network, AS IF. Greene tells Deb that if there's an antenna nearby, the signal could range for a couple miles, so Deb gives orders about how to search the area, unaware that the creepy church is very nearby.

Greene is having Jamie over to his place, apparently for the first time, as she's kind of blown away by how nice, big, and well-furnished it is (games sell, yo); in addition, he's got a lot of collections of stuff like action figures prominently displayed. She's like, collect all the crap you want, it's probably just appreciating in value, but why did you blow me off? You'd think she would have wanted that answered before agreeing to see him again, but when he admits that her brother asked him to back off, and that scared him, that's all she needs to hear, and she moves in for a kiss...

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