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It's A Battle of Kills

As he's driving, he VO's that he couldn't let Maria become Miguel's collateral damage. He needs Miguel's complete attention and now he has it. He gets home and Rita is cooking. When she sees him, she tells him not to hate her. She may have done a bad thing. She says that she told Syl about Miguel and Laguerta. Syl called his office and found out that they were meeting, but they weren't at either of their offices. She thinks he's at Maria's. Rita asks Dexter what he thinks she will do and he just sort of looks at her like -- WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE WILL DO?

At Maria's, she's walking Miguel out and who should appear? Syl is pissed. She calls him a fucker and says that he's too good a liar. He swears that nothing is happening between him and Maria. Syl says that he swore last Thursday that he wasn't out all night with another woman. Maria is getting a little itch in the back of her brain -- last Thursday (night that Ellen died)? Syl says that, since Maria's a detective, she'll probably be a lot better at seeing through his bullshit than she was. Then, she leaves. Miguel tries to stop her, but she says that she's done and wants him out of her life. He turns to Maria and says that Syl has it all wrong and he's going to straighten it out. Maria's looking at him like he's the dude that just fucked up her night. He drives away, showing off those halogen beams that were apparently out all hours the night that Ellen was killed. I think that itch is getting stronger.

The next day, Dexter drives to his favorite donut shop. He's about to give his order when Miguel greets him. He's already ordered and is sitting down. He tells Francisco behind the counter that Dexter will have his usual, that's how sleuthy this guy is. He says that Dexter is a creature of habit and tells him to sit down. He says that it was a bitch move to send Syl to Maria's. Dexter says that "surprisingly," it wasn't him that made that happen. Miguel doesn't seem to believe him. He gives Dexter a "heads up" that his office is talking about doing an ethics investigation of Deb. Dexter says that Deb is as clean a cop as they come. Well, Miguel gives Dexter a copy of that surveillance report. Miguel, who is expert with the murderous passive-aggressive talk, says that he's going to keep a close eye on Deb's case, just like Dexter is going to keep a close eye on Ellen's case. Plus, he'll need to help Miguel with any other favor he might have. Then, he gets up to leave -- he leaves the report and says that family is sacred. Dex VO's that Miguel has no idea what door he has just opened. Could it possibly be the door we've been waiting to open all season? I feel a little like a sicko, but when's Dexter gonna kill some damn people?

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