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It's A Battle of Kills

So, Miguel goes to the dry cleaners to pick up whatever the claim ticket was for. The lady behind the counter presents him with a garment and tells him that there will be no charge. She couldn't get the stain out. Apparently, when BLOOD sets in, it's really hard to get out! It's the Freebo shirt!

Angel is waiting in his car and watching a house. A tall blonde guy comes outside. This is the guy who beat up Barbara. As the guy is about to get into his car, Angel gets out of his car and approaches him. He extends a collapsible baton and holds it at his side as he says, "Devon Parks." Uh oh. The guy turns around and we see scratch marks on his face.

Deb is at the station and looking at King's file when Dexter approaches her. He begins to question her about her relationship with Anton and she says there's not a relationship, not anymore. No! She adds that only a "retard" would have gotten involved with Anton in the first place. Dexter says that he actually thought that Anton seemed like a pretty nice guy and that she seemed to like him. She says that when he was missing all she could think about was how she wanted him to be alive. But, now he's back and all she can think about is how wrong he is for her. She thinks a relationship with him makes her look really bad -- no matter how much she likes being with him. Dexter replies blank-faced, "I got nothin'." She laughs and says that he's useless and walks away.

Dexter turns around and sees Miguel in the hall. They have eye contact and Miguel points upward, then heads for a stairwell. Dexter goes to the roof where Miguel is waiting for him. He's pacing and he looks pissed. He throws his jacket on the ground and untucks his shirt. He's wearing the Freebo shirt. He asks Dexter if he thinks this is funny. "Not at all. They said that stain would come out." That was Hall's funniest delivery all season. He's having fun taunting Miguel right now. Miguel says that he didn't get to where he is by letting some gusano call the shots. That's a maggot. He wants to know where his ring is. Dexter corrects him -- it's not his ring, however, he did leave a very clear fingerprint on it. Miguel says that there is plenty of blood on Dexter's hands too -- he says this while waving his hands, in case we weren't positive that he is riled up right now. You know, Smits has really danced on the precipice of hammy acting during his tenure on Dexter and while sometimes I get a little embarrassed watching it, it has also been, for the most part, hugely enjoyable. I never knew this guy was this expressive. He reminds Dexter that he killed Ethan Turner and Clemson Galt. Dexter says there is nothing to tie him to those murders. That might change in a court of law if Rita had to answer questions about Dexter's whereabouts. Dexter says that Rita knows all she needs to know -- and it will stay that way or Ellen's ring will show up in the hands of the authorities.

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