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It's A Battle of Kills

Miguel proposes a toast, "To Dexter and Rita. May your marriage be as blessed as we are to have you to call friends." This makes Dexter think of an Option 3 -- get Miguel under his thumb, and keep him there.

In the car, on the way to pick up the kids after dinner, Rita and Dexter are held up by roadwork. Rita says that the meal was great and that it was great to see Syl and Miguel getting along so well. Dexter asks if it's absolutely necessary to have food at the wedding. Rita looks at him like he's a serial killer and says, "Yes, we have to serve food at the wedding." He says that he just wonders if, since they can't afford this Chef Babia on their own, maybe they shouldn't use him. Rita says that it would be insulting to say no at this point, but Dex says that Miguel's ego can handle it. Wow, lucky for the writers that Dexter, as a character, just spills his feelings all of the time. Otherwise, how would we arrive at this point where Dexter doesn't really say anything except that Miguel isn't who he thought he was and Rita ends up at -- he's cheating on Syl with Maria. Maybe he knows she'll do this and he's letting her go. It's just that I can't think of an immediate reason why it would be helpful to Dexter. She asks if it's his secretary and he says that it isn't, and then she says that Miguel working with Maria has bothered Syl. It must be her. Dexter won't confirm or deny her suspicions, which essentially solidifies them.

They arrive at Deb's house -- she's babysitting. This is only like the third or fourth time I can remember Deb and Rita being together. Rita says that Dexter's best friend is cheating on her best friend and he won't tell her who the mistress is. Deb's response? "You have a best friend?" That's perfect. Dex finds Astor sleeping on the sofa and asks, "What did you use on her, chloroform?" Rita says she hopes that Astor was good and Deb says that she was a champ, "She almost made it through Saw 1 and 2." Rita, of course, looks at Deb with horror. Hell, my own mom would look at someone with horror if they showed those movies to me. They're fucking horrible and scary. I prefer orderly, sterile serial murderers. Deb says that she was only kidding and that she and Astor bonded just as Anton walks into the room. He seems to have recovered from his partial skinning rather well. Rita seems a little surprised that Deb had company. Deb introduces him and Dexter recognizes him as "The Skinner victim." Deb replies that it's "just Anton." Anton shakes Dexter's hand and says that Deb saved his life. Dexter asks if this means Anton will be her plus-1 for the wedding and Deb gives him a "shut up" look. She stumbles over saying that she hasn't really told him about the wedding and Anton offers kudos to Rita and Dex. Rita informs Anton that there is also a baby on the way -- she wants to walk down the aisle without a huge baby bump. Don't we all, Rita. Anton follows her to continue the conversation as Dexter and Deb have a "What?"/"Asshole" exchange. It's very funny.

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