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It's A Battle of Kills

Quinn bursts into the interview room and takes Maria outside. Dexter needles Miguel by saying that there must be a new development. "Never know what'll pop up. Well...I will. I'll keep you posted, as promised." Miguel says that he's a good friend to have -- which we also don't believe. Dexter leaves the room with the monitor, but Miguel stays -- he says that his curiosity is piqued. Quinn tells Maria that four witnesses have put Edwards at the bar all night long, and security cameras have footage of him cleaning past 2 am -- when the "vic" was killed. Maria reminds him that the vic's name is Ellen and Edwards is their guy. Quinn says that there is a time code on the tape and he wasn't at Ellen's when she was killed. He says that he's sorry and walks away. Maria looks kind of devastated right now. She goes back into the interview room and asks if he saw anyone at Ellen's place at the time that he was there. He didn't, except there was some douche bag with high beams, nay, halogen beams, driving around. It was a dark SUV. Oops, Dexter says to Miguel that he is indeed a good friend to have. Miguel looks distressed. He says that a man can never have too many friends and then he leaves. Dexter watches him walk away and VO's that Miguel is not giving up without a fight. Dexter watches Miguel walk up to Maria and embrace her. Dex VO's that if Miguel controls Maria, he controls the investigation, and thus has the upper hand. But, Maria's tough -- he doesn't think Miguel will get far with her. Well, he hopes he won't.

Rita is at a dress shop and shows Syl the dress that she wants. Syl looks stunned and says haltingly that Rita looks beautiful. I think the moment was supposed to be about Rita being stunning or something, but Syl played it more like she was stunned at how bad she looked and had to search for a word. Rita looks at herself in the mirror and says that she feels like Cinderella, except for the whole "Disney virgin thing." I actually think the story of Cinderella is older than Disney, though she was probably a virgin in the old story too. Syl tells her not to worry about it -- no one will know that Prince Charming knocked her up before the ball. Way to lift some spirits there, Syl. Rita asks Syl what she's thinking about -- she's thinking of her own wedding day. She says that she's working on things, but she's not sure what Miguel is doing. Rita asks her if she really wants to know. This is such a bad idea.

Dexter is in the lab and Maria bursts in and asks him what he's doing. "Forensics?" She wants to know which case -- the new bean counter at the station is asking about the key that Dexter sent to the lab for Angel and she's in a bad mood about it. He says that it's for "an investigation" and she angrily demands that he put an active case number on it. With the budget cuts, every expenditure is being questioned and it's all rolling to her and SHE DOESN'T NEED IT. Dex kind of hangs his head and tells her that he'll fix it and she realizes that she's being a little crazy and apologizes, but he still assures her that he'll fix it. She leaves and he VO's that Maria is ripe for the picking and Miguel will use her to protect himself. He's going to keep an eye on her.

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