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Teenage Angst vs. Bloodlust

Dexter and Harrison are with some cheesy guy who is showing Dex a moving truck. The guy is all gootchy-goo in Harrison's face and Dexter tells the guy that Harrison isn't talking yet. He shows Dex the different sizes of trucks and asks if Harrison is a family name. Dex answers "Kind of" at the time that he spots a little bit of blood in the back of one of the trucks. Well done. He reminds himself that the blood could have come from anywhere. Yeah... nah. Even though the truck is probably bigger than his needs, that's the one he rents.

Later, with Harrison still in his car seat on the kitchen table, Dexter is packing. He tells the baby that they are going to be moving to a much better place. He starts to pack a drawer of kitchen untensils when Elliott the neighbor enters. Dex tells the baby that they'll move to a place without annoying neighbors. Elliott has some of Dexter's mail (perhaps the catalog from Life's End?) and takes the opportunity to tell Dex how sorry he is about everything that has happened. Dexter doesn't want to hear it. Elliott also says that he's a single father like Dex is now and is willing to give him advice. He tells Dexter that you have to give up all of your free time for your kids and asks Dex if he's willing to do that. What an insulting question. Dex agrees and says that, yes, he is willing to make that sacrifice. At the same time, he accidentally drops the box of utensils. Elliott starts to help pick it up, but Dexter stops him. He kneels down and picks up a knife and looks at Elliott's groin and I think we all know what he's thinking... he hates Elliott's shorts. We all do, Dex. Certainly he has no right to live.

Dexter takes a box out to the blood truck and VO's that he will make sacrifices and be a good father. He's obsessing over the blood but stops and reminds himself that he should be focusing on the kids. Next, Dexter brings an ice chest into Deb's apartment. She seems like she's feeling really crowded. Rita's parents are there too. They're apparently scoring a lot of that funeral food right now. Someone gave Dexter "another" cake. Deb replies that she had to eat an entire tuna casserole in order to make room in the apartment. She asks Cody to help her unload the ice chest and he mentions that she has a lot of beer in her fridge. She says that "people just keep bringing it." Screw tuna casseroles, show your sympathy with Corona!

Astor is pissed that Dexter didn't bring different stuff, naturally. He reminds her that space is a little limited, but she says that he brought all of her "reject" clothes and she won't be able to wear any of that to school. He tells her not to worry, that "no one will notice" her. This, of course, offends her. You know, that's actually kind of a stupid line. In no universe, other, I guess, than one where you kill people all of the time, is it a good thing to not be noticed. I would think Dexter would know that by now. Astor thinks he should know that too and stomps off. Ellen from All My Children in the 80's, aka Rita's mom, notices the tension and has Cody join her as she brings in the last load from the moving van. Cody says that he likes living there, because it's like camp. Sweet Cody, he is going to really have the disease to please when he grows up.

Later, everyone is asleep except for Dexter. He's thinking about the blood. Harrison wakes up. Dexter puts him in his carrier and leaves. He investigates the truck and notices traces of blood all over the inside of the door. He thinks, because of some small hand prints, that it was a woman who died. He seems satisfied, having done a little of what he does best. Suddenly Harry is there telling him that he should be concentrating on the kids like he said he would. I watched this with Joe Reid and he made a severe yet salient point -- maybe Harry has come to the end of his usefulness as a narrative device. Does Dexter still need this relationship with him? Hasn't so much of his evolution been about moving away from the code? Dexter tells Harry that he has to take care of his own needs too, but Harry says that the kids are not just his responsibility but also his salvation.

Back inside, Dexter taps into the moving van web site and finds information for the last renter of the truck, Boyd Fowler. Dexter finds out that Boyd works for the Department of Sanitation and picks up dead animals. That must be where the blood came from. Dexter does a test- it was human blood.

The next day, Dexter is waiting by a dead raccoon on the road. Boyd arrives in an official truck. Dexter had called in the dead raccoon because he was driving by and it creeped him out. He says that Boyd must be used to seeing dead things, but Boyd says you never get used to it. Dexter mentions that he's moving and doesn't moving suck, but Boyd offers that he has lived in the same house for 20 years. "Why the moving van?" Dexter wonders, though that's not nearly as much wondering as he would have to do if this guy Boyd weren't answering every single one of Dexter's odd questions. Makes finding the next person you're going to kill a lot easier, I'd imagine. Boyd says hi to the bandit then points out that the raccoon was clearly killed, then dropped on the road. Dexter VO's that Boyd is CSI-ing him. You could consider it Dextering too, though Boyd hasn't bludgeoned or stabbed anyone. Yet. Boyd throws the raccoon in the back and takes off. Dexter notes that he's odd, but reckons the "best and brightest" don't get into the business of dead animal pick-up. Well, that's judgmental.

Batista joins Quinn who is already at a crime scene. Quinn explains that they've found a head. Just a head. It's a lady head. Quinn thinks it's a drug killing. Then, Batista asks a "hypothetical" question about newlyweds -- is one spouse obligated to tell the other spouse about a secret bank account? Quinn says that fuck no and Laguerta should keep her hands off of his money. Excellent. Batista just asks to be taken to the head. Masuka and Deb are there. The head is there and is gross. Masuka says that the victim was alive when she was decapitated. Deb says that's unless she was buried standing up. Heh.

Batista walks away and Quinn reaches over and tucks the back of Deb's shirt in. She slaps his hand away and asks him what he's doing. He says that he's just trying to help -- she's looking a little ragged. She reminds him that she's living in a cramped apartment. She slept in a bed with Astor last night and she kicked her all night (probably on purpose). Quinn tells her that she's welcomed to sleep at his place anytime. He doesn't actually sound like he's being gross, but she's like, "No thanks, detective."

Quinn leaves and there's a cop looking at the head with Deb. She says that it looks like Santa Muerte, a cult whose name means "St. Death." Deb is aware of that, but she wonders why she thinks that. She says that the eyes and tongue were cut out to send a message. If you don't see anything, you can't say anything. Deb does not like this lady. The cop says that this is her neighborhood and she thinks the bad guys used a machete. She says that they'll get back to her if they need her help. Quinn arrives and says that they found the rest of the body. Now, they're going to canvas the neighborhood asking people if they saw anything. The officer says that they won't say anything because they are afraid, but Deb says super condescendingly that they still have to ask. Territorial much?

Dexter is looking online for stuff about helping children deal with grief. He doesn't find anything that speaks to the particular circumstances of his kids. Thank God. I'd hate to run across that website. Curiosity gets the best of him and he starts researching Boyd again. He has a police record. Assault with a deadly weapon. He has no mortgage, so Dexter digs and finds that Boyd inherited his house from his parents.

Here's Deb. He tells her that Astor is still angry. They're going to a grief counselor the next day. Deb says it's going to be hard to replace a mother as good as Rita was. Cody is asleep in the bed with Astor, which means that Deb

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