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Teenage Angst vs. Bloodlust
gets the cot. Instead, she goes to Quinn's place. He tries to kiss her and she says that she came there to sleep, not have his fat sausage fingers all over her. Excellent. She says there's no room for her at her own place, unless she wants to curl up in a toaster oven. Being a good sister to Dexter is exhausting for her. Quinn asks how Dexter is. She says that he's good and that the FBI is now looking for Kyle Butler. Quinn gets a big hmmm look on his face.

The next morning, Dexter is making pancakes and Cody wants them in triangle shapes. Astor reluctantly joins in the fun and it looks like things are starting to warm up. Then, she accidentally sets four places and it makes her angry. Dexter says that he's doing the best he can. Cody gets upset and says that he hates it when they fight.

At his place, Quinn asks Deb what's going on. She says that nothing ever happened between them. Seriously. Then, she leaves. Real mature. At the station, Masuka is doing some lab recreations of the head lady murder. He's having a hard time. He keeps slipping and falling in the fake blood. Deb tells him try the machete. It's a match!

Batista asks Deb the spouses and bank accounts question. Deb says that he doesn't own Laguerta and it's her money, end of story. Interesting. At another crime scene, there's a guy who shot his head. It's gross. Deb sees the lady cop and tells her that she was right about the machete. They find a photo and the lady in the photograph is the head lady from earlier. Quinn reckons it's a murder/suicide, but Deb brings up that there was Santa Muerte stuff from earlier, but not now. Brain matter from the ceiling falls on Masuka and it's disgusting.

Dexter scopes out Boyd's place. He finds a steel bin filled with dead animals. He breaks in to check things out, but then Boyd comes home. As Boyd listens to a self-help tape, Dex notices that the attic door is locked. Strange? Boyd has weird OCD stuff about his soup cans. Dex finds a lock of hair that is numbered. That's not normal.

Deb is accompanied by Quinn to look at a place for Dexter. Quinn says that he can relate to a man wanting to cut his wife's head off. The real estate agent mistakes them for a couple. Quinn gets all flirty on the bed, but Deb is seriously not having it.

Dexter follows Boyd to a river in the middle of nowhere. He kicks a steel bin off of his truck then leaves. Dex is investigating when he gets a call from Deb. She's hysterical. They weren't at school when she went to pick them up. Dexter knows where they will be. He goes to his house and finds Astor and Cody in the bathroom. They wanted to see where their mom died. Dexter apologizes for not bringing Astor back earlier. She's tired of him apologizing. She blames him for making them think everything was going to be perfect. She thought coming there would make her feel better, but you can't even tell what happened. She says that she doesn't want to live with Dexter. She's going to live with her grandparents.

Arthur Mitchell's family were consulted for sketches of Kyle Butler, but all three of them are different. Quinn asks Laguerta if he can hold onto them. She goes into her office and finds Batista who confronts her about her bank account. She says that it was a retirement fund, not a secret. She says that she loves him, but she's practical and wants to hold onto her separate bank account. He hears her calling him irresponsible, so he goes into the open area and invites everyone out that night for drinks on him.

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