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A Spy in the House of Dex
ime. He looks like a resurrected James Coburn crossed with that country guy who really hated the Dixie Chicks. He steps into his rig, but before he can turn the key, Dexter's got him from behind with the piano wire. And because we've got a lot to do, and Dexter killing this guilty-of-something trucker isn't high on the priority list, Dexter speeds through the kill. Plastic. Yelling. Scalpel. "You fuck!" Blood. Slide. Threats. Power drill. More threats. Throat. Blood. Splash. Done.

Afterwards, Dexter plants all of his Arthur artifacts (including a pic of Christine) in the cab of Beaudry's truck, ensuring that the cops will connect the dots from him to Trinity. And since we're all very stupid, Dexter narrates his entire process. So now it's not just his voice-over or the imaginary subconscious father figure leading us by the hand, it's Dexter himself. Brilliant.

Christine gets home and immediately calls her dad. She tries to explain why she hasn't returned his calls, but be blurts that he knows where she's been, and she's not to call him anymore. Click. Harsh.

That night, Dexter plants still more items of Arthur's, this time at Beaudry's ramshackle abode. And finally, he places Arthur's bludgeoning hammer in Beaudry's toolbox. Done and done.

Dexter gets home, and as he's walking up to his front door, he spots Elliott sitting on the stoop next door. Rita is peering out through the blinds and takes particular interest in Dexter crossing the lawn. But she doesn't try to stop him. Dexter greets Elliott, who's shitting a smallish brick as he stands up. "Stay the hell away from my wife," says a surprisingly territorial Dexter. Deflated, Elliott begins with, "Jesus, Dex..." but before he can explain, Dexter hauls off and punches him. He moves in to do it again, but Elliott begs off. He gives a few mealy-mouthed excuses, and finally Dexter just says not to touch her again. The he goes home, the triumphant caveman, and Rita is surprisingly not pissed off. "I'm glad that you cared that much," she smiles. Okay, I know we're like two scenes removed from Dexter tearing into a man's throat with a power drill, but THIS is making me queasy. Rita kisses Dexter's sore punching-knuckles and helps ice them down. They both giggle about Dexter the Unlikely Fistfighter. Whatever. She deserves him.

The next day, at work, LaGuerta and Angel meet in Matthews's office and smugly inform him of their nuptials. And I do mean "smugly." They basically tell him that if he pursues (perfectly legal) action against them (for falsifying an affidavit), he's gonna look like a big, mean, anti-marriage jerk. It's really making me not like them. Matthews, who knows he's been beat: "I can only marvel at the level of cynicism. Using the institute of marriage as a cheap political ploy. You must be very proud of yourselves." And yeah, in a vacuum I guess that counts as an oblique nod to current events, but it's weird lining Angel and LaGuerta on the bad side of that line. Whatever, nobody cares about this storyline anyway.

So Angel gets a phone call at the end of the meeting and says they have a lead on Trinity. Gee I wonder... Cut to Deb, Quinn, and Dexter at Beaudry's metal shack. They're chalking Beaudry's absence up to Christine warning him to stay away. While Masuka picks up all the breadcrumbs Dexter left for him, Debra is outside the shack and finds the planted hammer. She takes it inside and gets Dex to confirm the make of the murder weapon, but she's finding this whole bust far too easy. "It's a little hard to believe this is the same guy that never made a mistake in 30 years," she says. "Nah, I'm sure he made mistakes," says Dexter, "we just weren't looking." It's a lie designed to override Deb's bullshit detector, but it's a pretty smooth one.

Later, Angel's giving the whole story of the Beaudry "bust" to the news. Back at his seedy motel, Arthur is watching. He's utterly nonplussed at this turn of events. He gets a call from Christine, who assures him the call won't be traced. He berates her for fucking everything up. Christine cries that she was only protecting him, because she loves him. Arthur goes cold as ice. He refuses to help her and says she's on her own. He says he's sorry. "I'm sorry too," she whimpers, but Arthur wasn't finished: "I'm sorry you were ever born!" At which point a goofy but amiable angel appears to Christine and takes her in a tour through a version of Miami where she was never born. Oh, what an unfamiliar landscape it is! Quinn, for one thing, is banging some Asian waitress. No, no, fine. No angel. Arthur just tells her not to call again, ever, and Christine breaks down into hiccupping sobs.

Back at the Beaudry shack, Deb gets word that Christine wants to speak to Deb. Only Deb. Quinn manages to get her to let him tag along, though. Meanwhile, Dexter gets a call from Arthur, who is back at the carnival, scoping out the abductable boys. He tells Dexter he has the money and tries to arrange an exchange point, but Dexter tells him to meet him at the marina at 8. Planning on a quick and easy burial at sea, hmm? But once Dex is off the phone, DVO lays it out for us: He's gonna intercept Arthur right now, at the carnival, before he can nab another kid.

Deb shows up at Christine's apartment, looking somewhat reticent. I like how Deb isn't entirely sure how to act around Christine. She's torn between the savvy cop she's become and the reactionary victim she's trying to keep under wraps. Christine looks like hell as they both sit down. "That motherfucker," she leads off. Deb thinks she's talking about Quinn, but it's her dad. Deb shocks Christine by saying they know who he is, but when Deb says "Stan Beaudry," Christine lets out a rueful giggle and just says, "wow." Yeah, at least Dexter won't be getting sandbagged by Crazy right here. Christine then returns to the subject of fathers and daughters. She only wanted to make her dad love her. But he hates her. Deb says he's a killer, she doesn't need his love. Christine then says she's a killer like her dad. "I shot you," she says, as Deb swallows hard. "And I killed Lundy." Deb holds it together as Christine says she is sorry, but not so much when Christine asks (perfectly sincerely but still) if Deb can forgive her. "Are you kidding me?" Deb says, breaking down. "I came here to do a job, and to take you in, and get justice for Lundy. But forgive you? Fuck you." She's hyperventilating now. I love Jennifer Carpenter something serious. Christine just closes her eyes. Deb says they should just get to the station, but Christine won't be doing that. She pulls a gun from beneath a pillow, and before Deb can make a move, Christine puts the muzzle up under her own chin and pulls the trigger. Quinn hears the shot from street level and comes running. By the time he gets up there, Deb's already in the hallway. She blocks him, but he looks in and sees the blood, the gun, and Christine's dead body. Think he'll ultimately find a way to blame this one on Dexter? Me too.

At the carnival, Dexter searches in vain for Arthur. He gets a call from Deb, who tells him about Christine. She needs her brother right about now. DVO dithers about multiple Dexter identities (the serial killer v. the brother, blah blah), but Dex makes a quick call: "I'm on my way." As he heads for the car, Arthur is watching him from the upper level. And in a mirror image of earlier episodes, it's Arthur who now follows Dexter through the streets of Miami.

Arthur follows him all the way to Miami Metro. Talk about the mouse bringing the cat home for dinner. ...Do people talk about that? Lord knows I would. Arthur follows Dexter into the police station and just starts walking around. Remember when the CIA raided SD-6 in the second season of Alias? This feels just as intrusive. He asks the cop at the desk if a Kyle Butler works here (he doesn't), then swipes a visitor's badge from some doddering old biddie. He strolls into the station.

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