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A Spy in the House of Dex

Dexter goes to see Deb, who is crying. She's afraid to erase Lundy's name from the whiteboard. If she does, it's all over, and Lundy's still dead. She says she knew finding Lundy's killer wouldn't bring him back, but she thought it would bring something. Dexter, per usual, isn't able to give traditional comfort, but he does offer to erase Lundy's name himself. Deb almost lets him, but she pulls it together and does it herself. One can't help but feel that poor dead "O'Rourke," on the board below Lundy's name, is getting the short shrift.

Back to Arthur, roaming the halls of the station like the deadliest Alzheimer's patient you ever did see. He strolls past a trophy case (where's THAT been?) and sees a photo of Dexter on a championship team. The composition of the team (Angel, Masuka, some random dude) is very Pin Pals. The caption tells Art this is the team from the Homicide division.

So off the elevator and into the Homicide floor comes Arthur. He wanders into the briefing room, where the whole Trinity case is laid out on whiteboards. Never one for obsessive clippings or wallowing in his conquests, Arthur finally gets to see all his handiwork, and he is perversely impressed and delighted. But then he spots Beaudry's name and photo underneath the word "suspect." Not as proud about that one, but he's happy to have the heat off him.

Arthur then walks into the Homicide bullpen ... and right into Dexter's sightline. He comes bounding out of his office, face to face (or face to chest, since Lithgow is The Sasquatch) with Arthur. Arthur looks down at Dexter's laminate, smirks, and greets him. "Hello, Dexter Morgan." Um. Fucked.

Joe R is pretty psyched for the finale -- how will Angel and LaGuerta adapt to married life??? He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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