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Crazy Stupid Love

...and then Caffrey, driving on Dexter's tail, calls Jason Gedrick for an update. Jason Gedrick wonders if Isaak Pullo is luring Dexter to their boat, but when he hangs up, it looks like he's thinking the situation over carefully. Meanwhile, outside, Quinn shows up to see Nadia, who's obviously got something on her mind; after trying unsuccessfully to get him to go, she asks him to promise he won't be upset at what she needs to tell him, which makes me wonder if they've, like, met...

...because the next thing you know, Quinn is storming into Jason Gedrick's office and asking if he screwed Nadia. Jason Gedrick is at his unapologetically gross best here, telling Quinn that he left him high and dry today, and at least Nadia takes her job seriously. That's all Quinn needs to hear to tackle Jason Gedrick through his window (hilariously falling right by a girl dancing on a pole) and beating him into semi-unconsciousness, spitting that he can consider that Nadia's notice. He puts his arm around Nadia and hustles her out of there, and I know they're in a hurry but if he had any cinematic flair he'd carry her out. I mean, he has to have seen An Officer And A Gentleman, right?

Hannah complains about being served Corn Flakes, "again," while a particular camera angle, used for the second time, makes us wonder if she's at least been working on her shackles. She offers to make her grandmother's recipe for fried green tomatoes, adding that she saw some growing in the garden out back. Lurch tells her he can't let her outside, so she suggests he go pick them. He looks suspicious, but he presumably still doesn't know how dangerous she is; also, he probably wouldn't admit it, but I'm guessing he's as sick of Corn Flakes as she is.

Deb calls Dexter and tells him that only one of the Colombians was single, so his place would be the obvious choice and she's going to check it out. Dexter doesn't want her to, but she tells him to shut up, and adds that she's not doing it for Hannah, but to protect him. Dexter sees Caffrey closing on him, so he gets off the phone, and after we note the knife tucked into his waistband, he starts moving again, but soon, he reaches the bow of the ship, which is a dead end, and it's some nice work from him as he realizes that his fate is likely entirely in Isaak Pullo's hands now. He steels himself and gets ready for a knife fight with Caffrey, who's surely planning to kill him too (especially since Jason Gedrick must have filled him in that Dexter is a killer too), but just then, Isaak Pullo's voice rings out from the deck above, "Sweetheart!" and he drops Caffrey with several silenced shots. Dexter looks up at him warily, but Isaak Pullo favors him with a smile: "See? Man of my word." Dexter looks a bit flummoxed...

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