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...but, after we cut to a long chain attached to Hannah's ankle in an apartment somewhere, the phone rings, and Lurch hands it to Hannah; in video mode, Isaak Pullo tells her the reason he's doing this is with him - and the shot cuts to Dexter, who tells her not to worry. She tries to say something more, but Isaak Pullo cuts off the conversation, whereupon Lurch, after noting that Hannah's life is in Dexter's hands, tells her the rules: "Scream, make noise, I hurt you. Try to escape, I hurt you badly. Clear?" Hannah nods, and again, I don't see this is so bad. Not only is he going to leave her alone as long as she obeys the rules, he even tells her to put on the TV! "And none of the American reality shit." Okay, I changed my mind - he's history's greatest monster.

At his place, Isaak Pullo is pulling up photos of the assassins. Dexter asks for anything Isaak Pullo can tell him, and Isaak Pullo tells him that Caffrey, the American, likes it up close and personal - knives, piano wire, that sort of thing - while Mickic keeps his distance with high-powered rifles and is also a slave to ritual, as he'll buy a rifle locally and test it out first. Dexter realizes that the practice range would need to be outdoors to accommodate the required distance, and Isaak Pullo pulls up the specs on Mickic's preferred weapon. Dexter is aware that there are only a few ranges that sell the weapon's particular ammunition, so he'll check them out the next day. He turns to go, prompting Isaak Pullo to ask where he's running off to "all helter-skelter?" Dexter informs Isaak Pullo that he's hungry, whereupon Isaak Pullo points out that he's got a nerve-wracking errand to take care of with a loved one's life at risk, and all he can think about is food? Dexter's like, what of it, so Isaak Pullo asks him how many men he's killed. Dexter pauses before answering, "A lot," and given how many blood slides those cases hold, he's not kidding. Isaak Pullo says that he once asked Mickic the same question, and the extremely excited response was sixteen (contradicting Isaak Pullo's assertion earlier in the scene that he's employed Mickic "more times than I can count"). "But you - you don't seem to revel in what you do. Why?" Hilariously, Dexter informs Isaak Pullo, "I don't bond," but Isaak Pullo is undeterred, going on that most men kill for money, some for brutality, some for revenge - but he senses that Dexter could walk away without the need to kill him. Dexter, in that vaguely singsong voice he sometimes gets when he's letting his psycho flag fly, tells him that his needs are different, and if anything happens to Hannah, Isaak Pullo will find out why Dexter is a killer. He leaves, and Isaak Pullo looks almost scientifically curious.

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