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Dexter shows up to Deb's and takes the burrito out of his mouth long enough to tell her he needs a favor - for her to call off the constant surveillance on Isaak Pullo. Deb, of course, is not going to do that without some sort of explanation, so Dexter lays it all out for her, even the Hannah part. Well, I guess his situation is both desperate and intricate enough that he can't come up with a workable cover story. Deb thinks this is a perfect opportunity for him to let Hannah go, as they have no future together, but Dexter doesn't care about that - he just doesn't want Isaak Pullo to kill her. Deb, unable to suppress the cop in her for long, asks who Dexter thinks has her, so Dexter tells her it's Lurch, and if he could find out where they are, he could extricate himself from Isaak Pullo's grasp. Deb goes off on a seeming tangent, telling Dexter that that morning when she woke up, for a second everything was as it used to be - steaks and beer and bad movies on the couch - but then she blinked, "and now it's burritos and hired killers and favors, and fucking Xanax to get me to tomorrow morning so I can have that half-second of peace!" Look, Deb, you've been through a lot and I don't begrudge you some grousing, but I'll thank you to leave burritos out of it. Despite how the words look on the page, her tone isn't overly emotional - maybe it's the Xanax - and she tells him she will pull the surveillance, but she'll never be okay with him and Hannah. He acknowledges that, and when she turns away, presumably to make the call, he sighs yet again at how unmanageable his life has become.

Here's LaGuerta on the dock again (not like THAT), turning up to see...the crusty Captain, whose job she stole. Ooh. Turns out he owns a boat, which is her excuse for showing up (I guess, as damning as her finding out about Dexter's boat seemed last week, she's still methodically covering everyone on the list) and finding him day-drinking (which tempts me, even though his name is Tom, to call him "Captain Jack"), and after he, affably enough, compares her to Godzilla, he, still jovially but pointedly, tells her to get on with her business. And speaking of, it's a nice bit of work that she still seems nervous and intimidated by him, but she plows through it and blurts out that she thinks the BHB is still alive and active. Captain Jack (fuck it) pish-poshes her, but she tells him that Doakes never owned a boat, while all the cops on the list she hands him does. Captain Jack, naturally enough, thinks that she's there accusing him, but he has an alibi, as he was laid up recovering from hernia surgery (OOOOOOWWWWWWW) during the BHB killings. She asks him, while she's there, if any of the names look familiar, but he merely laughs in her face and tells her to go home. "The only help you'll get from me is a lift back to Cuba." He might as well be drinking iced tea instead of Scotch, because that is brisk, baby! There's no comeback for that one, so I respect LaGuerta for not trying to find one.

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