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At the club, Jason Gedrick's hair is looking even worse than usual, which possibly foreshadows the day he's about to have. He's not thrilled to see Caffrey, as he's supposed to be out taking care of business, but Caffrey tells him that since he can't reach Mickic, the logical conclusion is that Isaak Pullo took him out. Jason Gedrick seethes that Isaak Pullo will be coming after him if Caffrey fails in his mission, which is a good little explanation for his actions later; he then gets a smile on his face and crows, "Morgan," so someone's going to need to extricate the fishhook from his mouth.

Dexter turns back up to Isaak Pullo's (presumably making sure he wasn't followed) and says he wants to talk to Hannah, brushing off Isaak Pullo's assurances that she hasn't been harmed. DVO lets us know that this is part of his plan to figure out where Hannah is as Isaak Pullo diffidently tells Dexter he's got trust issues, but accedes... the phone rings, interrupting Lurch playing a driving game and Hannah contemplating what looks like a container of red pepper flakes. On Isaak Pullo's order, Lurch hands Hannah the phone, and Hannah steps away as far as her chain will let her to tell Dexter she's sorry they're using her to get to him. While they're talking, Dexter surreptitiously takes a photo of the image on the screen and sends it to himself; I'm surprised Isaak Pullo isn't keeping a closer eye on him, but I suppose he does have reason to think he's got Dexter's cooperation here. Hannah, trying to control her emotions, starts to tell Dexter she loves him but amends it to "I...miss you," and Isaak Pullo listens with interest as Dexter takes a moment before responding, "Likewise." Well, it's better than "Ditto," I guess.

Isaak Pullo grabs the phone away, and, surprisingly overcome, tells Dexter that if he had the chance to talk to Viktor again and he told him he missed him, he hopes he could come up with a better response than "Likewise." He points out that Hannah was trying to comfort him but he couldn't manage to do the same, prompting Dexter to wonder why he cares. Isaak Pullo tries to bluster that he doesn't have anyone because of Dexter, but Dexter puts the pieces together and wonders aloud whether all the questions Isaak Pullo has asked him have really been about him deciding whether he should live or die. Isaak Pullo points his gun at Dexter and yells that Viktor was his life, but Dexter has it all figured out now as he calmly replies, "But still, you sent him to Miami. You put him in over his head. You put all this in motion. And now you're terrified, Isaak - you're terrified that I'm not really responsible for his death. That you are." Isaak Pullo tries to deny that, but his face betrays him, and Dexter tells him that if he really believed that, he'd be dead by now. After a long moment, Isaak Pullo lowers his weapon, turns away, and tells Dexter to go, but Dexter turns back to watch his shaking shoulders for a moment before actually departing.

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