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Jason Gedrick is leaving one of apparently many messages for Quinn, saying that he's having a really bad day and he'd very much appreciate it if he'd get back to him. He then grabs Nadia and tells her to get her stuff, and then I'm confused about what happens, because it sounds like he's telling her that they're going to go down the road to a hotel and bone, and that this has happened before, but on the other hand, she's not immediately projectile vomiting?

Dexter is letting us know that he was able to read Isaak Pullo's guilt because he went through the same thing after Rita's death, and he's worried that the same thing is now going to happen with Hannah; also, he's concerned that even if they do survive this, the human side of him will push her away. He then focuses his attention on the picture, and, zooming in on a soccer ball in the background, sees that it bears the signature of a Colombian soccer player. This leads Dexter quickly to deduce that Lurch is holed up in the apartment of one of the Colombians that Isaak Pullo killed, which is a level of clever worthy of Isaak Pullo. Before Dexter can do anything with the information, though, Batista enters and tells him they've got another burn victim...

...and in a parking structure, Fire Department and MM personnel are bustling about, but Dexter isn't too busy to notice that Caffrey is there watching him. For obvious reasons, Dexter thinks he'll keep, so after we hear Batista complaining about a mold problem in the restaurant, Quinn tells the team the name of the victim, who was a graduate student and was discovered in what looks like a freight elevator; it was definitely a confined space that, according to Whack-A-Phil, is coated in the same oily residue as the car. This time, Whack-A-Phil doesn't think suicide is indicated, although that could be because Dexter's once again there to blow a hole in that theory were it advanced. Seeing a spot by the entrance that looks different from the rest of the floor, Dexter asks if the team can close the doors, which they do, leaving only Dexter and Whack-A-Phil in there. Turns out Dexter wanted to see the inside of the doors because they confirm that there was a person-shaped void where no burning occurred, just like in the car. He concludes they are dealing with a "phantom," and observes that the name "Bobby" is scratched into the door. He wonders if the victim was attempting to reveal his killer, and then observes that Whack-A-Phil has a strange look on his face, and when he asks him what's up, Whack-A-Phil says he's never seen anything like it - the evidence can only be explained by the presence of a person wearing a protective suit. Dexter theorizes that the killer would have blocked the victim from escaping and watched his victim burn alive, but Whack-A-Phil tells him it's not as horrific as he might think - either shock or asphyxiation take over quickly, so the event is "relatively painless." Dexter repeats, "Relatively," with a look possibly fraught with suspicion over the somewhat reverential tone Whack-A-Phil was just employing, and snapping out of his reverie, Whack-A-Phil knocks for the doors to be reopened. He goes to get his camera, Batista and Quinn discuss obtaining security footage, and then Dexter, having concluded that there's no blood, says he's going to head back to the station - but first he pulls Deb, who's just wondering how there can only be one security camera for the entire lot, aside to update her on what he learned. Deb tells him she'll follow up, he thanks her, and then he heads to his car, calling Isaak Pullo on the way to let him know that Caffrey's on his tail, and Isaak Pullo gives him the location of one of the Brotherhood's ships as the spot to which he should lead Caffrey...

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