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Crappy Thanksgiving

Then he's in the car, freaking out, next to Harry, screaming and hitting the dash, letting out the rage he couldn't in the house. "I'm thankful to be out of that fucking house!" Harry says Dexter showed Trinity the monster inside him, and he'll see him coming now. Dexter can't believe how Arthur's destroyed everyone in that family, but Harry says that's what happens to people who live with a monster. Dexter yells that he's nothing like him. But you can tell he's worried that he is. Harry asks what 18 more years with Dexter is going to do to his family. Dexter says Arthur's terrorized his family into maintaining his cover so they're nothing but human shields. Harry says he only started dating Rita for cover, but Dex says she and the kids are much more than that now. He repeats, "My family is nothing like that," as much to convince himself as anyone. Especially since Harry doesn't actually exist.

Dexter arrives home, where everyone greets him. Elliott's a little sheepish about it, to his credit. Rita hugs him and tells him how happy she is that he's home. Then she looks at Elliott and then crazily back at Dexter. Masuka watches it all from the kitchen. Cody grabs Dexter's hand and apologizes about his Blood Shack. Dexter tells him that as long as he's okay, that's all that matters. But then he gets up to go check on the shed, under the cover of making sure it's safe in there. Deb asks, "Miss us?" as he heads out, and Dexter, totally honest, "You have no idea." He finds everything's safe out there, meaning no one found the slides or trunk. Harry wonders if anything is really safe here. Dexter says he'll find an alternative. Harry says Trinity was supposed to be the alternative. Dexter drops whatever piece of the shed he's holding.

Inside, Cody asks to see Deb's scar, and she shows him. He asks if it still hurts, and she says sometimes. She touches her heart and says, "Here." Cody asks if she saw that guy die, and she says, "I did. I looked right in his eyes." Cody asks if they were open, and she says yeah, she watched him take his last breath. Then she stops and wonders, "How did she know that?" Cody's like, "Who and what," but Deb just says, "Nobody but me," and goes to call Quinn. She asks him how much he told Christine about the Lundy shooting. He says nothing. Christine's in the kitchen behind him, but at least acting like she's not hearing this. She asks if Christine maybe saw the file when he left it lying around and knows how he was positioned when he did so could have figured it out... She's grasping for Christine not to have been involved in the shooting. But Quinn doesn't bring those home anymore; he learned his lesson. Deb's face falls.

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