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Later, Dexter is flipping through the radio stations, searching for some marching music, when Maria walks Miguel outside. Dex VO's that they make a cute couple, but both of them are lying through their teeth. After Maria has gone inside, Miguel starts his car and prepares to leave. Then, he gets out -- because THE BACK DOOR OF HIS SUV IS STILL OPEN. Maria didn't close it properly. As he closes it, he stares blankly ahead and Dex sees and intuitively VO's that Miguel looks like he knows something is up with Maria. He can't let him do anything bad to another innocent person.

The next morning, Dex arrives at work and VO's that on his to-do list for today is finding a "non-blowback" way to dispose of Miguel's body. Suddenly, Maria arrives with the sample she got last night. She asks Dexter to run the sample for matches with victims from the last 10 days. He reminds her that he's the "blood guy," but she says he also runs forensics and she can trust him to keep the results off the records. He agrees that keeping secrets is one of his strong suits, however, she ripped him a new a-hole the last time he did work off the grid. She says that this is different -- she has a voice nagging her. She hopes that she's wrong, but if she isn't and anyone finds out that she was investigating, a "shit hurricane" would be brought down on the entire department. Now, think about that for a moment. Literally. A shit hurricane sounds like the most horrible thing ever. If she's right, she says it will be the same hurricane, different landfall. Either way, Dexter will need a raincoat. I wish I got to talk like that without joking. She says that she doesn't want Dexter to get into any trouble, but he tells her that he's fine with giving her something under the table (he acknowledges that the statement sounds a little odd). He tells her that he'll get the results for her ASAP. Dexter sits down and enters into a computer system the request. It requires an authorization code, so Maria enters hers. The request is approved (Maybe he was reserving space in the lab?) and Maria tells him that he's the best and leaves. He says to himself that he has to be the best as he looks at a screen listing the victims from the past 10 days.

Miguel is getting out of the shower in his hotel room when there's a beep from his computer. He checks it -- he apparently gets an alert every time someone looks into Ellen's case. He sees that Maria is doing that. Not good.

At the station, Deb tells Quinn that she has checked the phone records and it looks like King was using that pay phone as an office. Quinn doesn't understand the relevance, but she says that she checked one of the numbers and King was apparently re-hired to landscape the local summer home of a lady who lives in New Jersey. Quinn's all duh, but Deb says that this means that the house is empty. They go to check it out.

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