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As Dex is leaving Maria's office, he says that, while Maria is soul searching, he will eliminate her problem. He's going to use George King's tactics. They will think it was King and won't even look for another suspect. He sees Quinn and asks him what happened. Quinn has a bandage on his forehead. He tells Dex it was King and Deb says she's tried to get Quinn to go home, but he's trying to prove that he has "cajones of steel." Angel walks up and asks Quinn if he's OK. He says that it was a superficial wound and they should keep moving. Angel says that the top brass is going to have a lot of questions for them. They had air surveillance and 50 cops looking for King, but it's like he is a ghost. Dex walks away and VO's that he's thankful they didn't catch King. He needs him on the loose so that he can be blamed for Miguel's murder.

Deb catches up with him and asks Dex how long he's known about Harry and his CI. He says a couple of weeks. Camilla told him right before she died. He wasn't sure if he should tell her. She assures him that when there's huge mind fuck news like this, he should tell his fucking sister. He apologizes as he gets a text message. He tells her that Rita wants to know if she's bringing Anton to the wedding. No, she isn't. She says that Quinn asked her if she'd go as his date, but, while it would be sad to go stag to her own brother's wedding, going with Quinn would be even more depressing. Dex offers that Quinn seems OK and she agrees -- he's good on paper, like Harry. But, of course, she doesn't know Harry as well as she thought she did. She says that it turns out she's as big a fuck-up as he was. Dex, and I don't think I've ever really seen him act like this, insists that she's not a fuck-up. She's the hardest working person he knows. He says that she's loyal to a fault and, in all of the years that he's known her, she has never let him down. Then, he gets an idea. She should be his best man. She reminds him that Miguel is his best man, but he says that Miguel isn't even a good man. He should have asked her in the first place. "So why didn't you?" she asks. He says he thought the best man was supposed to be a man. Dex, that doesn't sound like you. You don't exactly fit everyone's idea of a serial killer. You shouldn't label. He tells her that he trusts her more than anyone, but she wants to make sure that he's not just doing this because he feels guilty. He asks her again to stand up for him and she replies, "Abso-fucking-lutely." A girl of few words and many syllables.

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