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Deb goes downstairs to archives. The lady working there apparently knows her and asks her where she's been. Too busy with Anton to shoot the shit with her? Word travels fast, but Deb says that it doesn't travel fast enough, for she and Anton are no longer together. "Fuck him, his loss," the lady replies. I like this actress. Deb asks for a favor -- she needs all of the files on her dad's CIs. The lady seems perplexed that Deb would be looking up something on her dad (presumably because he has such a saintly reputation). Deb says that she knows it's a big dig, but she really only needs the female Cis -- probably just the pretty ones. Hey, you already found out that you don't know your dad as well as you thought you did. Might as well just get all of the files. The lady asks Deb if someone has told her something about Harry and one of his CIs. She says it wouldn't be the first time a cop has stepped out on his wife. Deb replies that she knows it's a big request, but the lady cuts her off. Her dad cheated on her mom and she would have cut off his dick if she could have. This actually shocks Deb. More than the violence, I'm just thinking, that means you'd have to touch your dad's dick. Not cool. She says she'll put a rush on Deb's request.

That night, Dexter finds Miguel and Ramon pounding drinks in the hotel bar. This lets Dexter know that they will be there for a while. He calls the hotel switchboard and asks for Miguel. Then, he starts walking through the hall (all of them?) until he hears the phone ringing from outside. He tips a maid down the hall and asks for turndown service. Without any questions, she opens the door and begins to get to work. It's great that this works so easily for him. Dex acts like he's on a phone call that he's required to take and asks the maid to leave. He looks out the window and decides that he could park there and enter undetected. Then, he sees a life vest on the floor. Miguel has been kill shopping. He looks on Miguel's computer and sees the same alert about Maria. He deduces that he's getting Ramon drunk so that he can claim Miguel was with him the whole night. "Tonight's the night."

Later, Miguel approaches Maria's darkened house. He finds a key under a flowerpot that he must have known was there and enters the house. No one is there, however, he sees a message on her answering machine and decides to answer it. He doesn't even seem sad that he's going to kill her! Anyway, the message is from Dexter. He tells Maria to meet her, regarding Miguel and Ellen, at a nearby diner. Miguel opens the door to leave and is greeted by Dexter and his needle in Miguel's neck. He passes out immediately.

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