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When Miguel wakes up bound in classic kill room style, he exclaims, "Jesus!" Dexter says, "Finally." He's been waiting for this show to begin. Dexter turns a swivel chair to reveal his array of knives that he has placed on it. Miguel starts freaking out. He turns his head and sees photos of Ellen and Maria that he has placed behind candles. He says that he knows he crossed the line, but it doesn't have to come to this. Dexter disagrees, of course. He says that he had higher hopes for Miguel, but he has realized that he will always be alone. Miguel says that's not true, but Dexter isn't taking his truth from Miguel these days. The friendship that Miguel offered Dexter was bullshit, which Miguel tries to protest until Dex mutes him with his hand. Miguel says that he tried to crack Dexter's armor. He can still see the possibilities in their relationship. So, this is Dexter's fault for being a "shutdown?" Miguel whines that he just wants Dexter to let him in! Gross. Dexter asks why he would do that and Miguel says it's because he knows Dexter better than anyone. Not true. Dexter says that there have been many people who have known Dexter as they lay on a table wrapped in plastic. They were all unchecked versions of himself -- what he would have become without the Code. Miguel says that he's not like them, but Dexter disagrees. Miguel says that he's like Dexter, and Dexter smacks his face a little in protest. "No. I know I'm a monster." Miguel says that he accepts Dex. He accepts him like a brother. Oh really? Well, Dexter killed his brother. And, he adds, he killed Miguel's. Slam-dunk! He tells him it wasn't planned, but Miguel freaks out. Now Dexter is having a good time. He reminds Miguel of his bachelor party speech where he said that friends are always honest. Miguel adds that he said, "Friends forgive. Friends forgive!" He's so pitiful right now. "But, I don't forgive you," replies Dexter. He moves away and grabs some wire while Miguel screams, "You little freak! You think I'm done with you? You think this ends here! It doesn't!" That's crazy. Dexter calmly says, while wrapping the wire around Miguel's neck, "It does for you." End of Miguel. We see that Miguel's hand had begun to rip through the saran wrap that he was encased in. The lighting turns to gray as Dexter VO's, "Adios, Amigo." Wow. Thanks for the memories, Smits. You were a badass.

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