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Angel flips the lights for which Quinn's head is grateful. Angel tells Quinn's head that it should be in the Ellen Wolfe case right now. Quinn, with an assist from his head, runs the view accompanied by an overhead projector. Toby Edwards, bartender and booty call, spotted a black SUV outside of Ellen's apartment around the time that she was killed. Dex reminds us via VO that the SUV belonged to Miguel. Deb says that there are no intersection surveillance cameras between Ellen's place and the cemetery where her body was dumped. Dex contemplates killing Miguel in his car, because it has a big backseat. Angel says that they need to recanvas -- someone had to have seen something and he says they're going to catch them.

The next order of business is The Skinner. There's a picture of George King on the projection. Angel says that the Nicaraguan Embassy is giving him the runaround. That seems odd to me. I would think a serial killer who was a natural citizen of their country would rank high on their priority list, seeing as having an embassy in another country is an attempt at diplomacy in the first place. You're not really doing much for your mission when you don't help with the apprehension of a crazy killer from your country who is wreaking havoc in the country where the embassy is stationed. Right? Like, I could maybe understand some lack of urgency if I contacted the Nicaraguan Embassy in US about a Nicaraguan citizen killing people in, let's say, Iceland. Maybe they'd be like, um, this isn't our beat. Angel tells Ramos to go to the Embassy in person. He says that, until they know King's true identity, there's not much to go on. You mean his name is not George Washington King? The shocks keep coming.

Angel turns off the projector and says that Anton will be coming to the station that day to go over his statement. "Today?" asks Deb. "What? Did you forget your lip gloss?" replies Quinn. Douchey, no? He knows that she never told anyone about not putting Anton on the books. And, granted, it's poor form to become involved with a witness. However, it seems like there's enough evidence stacked against King that her sleeping with a guy whose back was skinned is pretty inconsequential (I mean, they already knew it was King before Anton was abducted), while Quinn's fuck-up is still a pretty huge deal with lots of possible consequences. Angel tells Quinn to stay away from Anton when he's there -- he doesn't want anymore fighting. He adds that, though Anton is Deb's informant, he wants to cover his visit. He wants to get himself up to speed with the case. More likely, he read the surveillance report and is trying to separate the two. That's probably not a bad idea. Angel ends the meeting and Deb says to Quinn, "Fuck you, lip gloss." He looks at her like, "What's the problem?" That's annoying.

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