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Maria is in her office watching the tape of her interview with Toby Edwards. She watches the part where he says that he saw a black SUV with halogen beams. She thinks really hard about that, then she opens a file with Miguel's picture on the front of it. There's a copy of his driver's license inside. His birth date is July 9, 1955. He's definitely moody and overemotional like your typical Cancer. A little more murderous than most. She checks his automobile registration. It's an SUV. She thinks a little more then calls Miguel. She says that, given the scene that occurred with Syl, she thinks they should talk.

Angel talks to a cop about bringing Anton into the station. Then, Barbara arrives and he kisses her. She has lunch for him. She says they are Italian hangover remedies -- saffron lemon risotto, white pizza, and cayenne tea. Seriously, Angel, marry that woman right now. He says that the food sounds great, but he's not hung over. He "behaved" himself at the party. "I'm a plus 1 now, remember?" She says that a man still has his needs, but he says that his needs are covered. I'm predicting stormy weather for these two, but I'm not sure exactly what the problem will be.

Dexter is in the lab looking at the spreadsheet that Rita made. Suddenly, a fuzzy vision of Harry is behind him asking him if he is having cold feet. He replies that he isn't -- Rita is great. That's not what Harry is talking about, which Dexter should probably already know since he's imagining this whole thing. He says that marrying is easy, because all he has to do is show up. However, killing Miguel? He plops down this large book with bright red binding with large block letters reading "KILL PLAN FOR MIGUEL PRADO." Killing Miguel will require some finesse, Harry says, because he's a public figure. He's also well connected. Dexter knows that people will be looking for Miguel when he disappears -- but Harry says that he can't just disappear. Dexter says that he will pin it on someone else and we see him eye a picture of George King that is posted on the wall in the station. Harry asks him about his timeline and he says that he will do it after the wedding -- any earlier would be crazy. I mean, he's got so much to do right now, he just can't fit another thing on his plate. His alibi will be the wedding night, because Rita will likely be exhausted seeing as she's with child. Harry says that's not a good idea. Rita waking up with him not there is not how he wants her to remember their wedding night.

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