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Harry disappears as Deb walks into the room. She closes the blinds and Dexter asks if she's hiding. She is -- Anton is about to show up and she doesn't want to see him. She looks really nervous right now. She knows it's immature, but if she sees Anton, she'll miss him. Dexter doesn't understand, why doesn't she tell Anton? She says that she can't because she needs to be with someone who has his shit together. Someone with a real job and strong morals, like her dad. Dexter says that Harry wasn't perfect and she counters that he wasn't a drug user or a CI. Dexter points out that Anton isn't a CI either. Either way, Deb thinks that Harry wouldn't approve of Anton. "You'd be surprised," he replies. She asks him what that is supposed to mean and he says that he didn't mean anything. She says that Dexter has had a bug up his ass about their dad for months now. She wants to know what he did. He says she doesn't want to know, which of course makes her want to know even more. She says that he wasn't on the take and he didn't break any laws and he didn't cheat on their mom. Well... Dexter stares at her after that last bit and she stops. She understands what his look means and she says, "Bullshit." He says that she's right, but now she's upset. "Bullshit! Who?" He tells her that it was a CI and he almost looks like he feels bad for making her upset. "You always wanted to be like dad," he offers. Yeah, that's going to help. She's kind of crying now. "Seriously?" she asks.

Angel comes into the room and tells Deb that Anton is there. She needs to talk to him, because she's the only one he trusts. Still choked up, she says that it is indeed difficult to find people who you can trust. Dexter calls out to her as she leaves the room, but she tells him to blow her. Angel tells Dexter that his sister never says that. After he's gone, Dex sits for a moment, then whispers, "Oops."

Anton is an interview room and we can see through the window in the door that Deb is hesitating before entering. She finally walks in, slowly, with downcast eyes. She has his file. She smiles weakly. He says that requesting her was a bad idea -- send in Angel. He can tell she doesn't want to be there. She is really shaken up -- she says that it's not about him. She says that something else just happened. He asks her if she's OK and she says no, so he asks her if he can help. She says that he can look at his statement to see if any corrections need to be made. He tries to touch her hand and says the case is not why he's there right now. She, barely fighting tears, pulls away her hand and says she really needs this to be about work right now.

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