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He reviews that statement and lets out a little laugh. Deb asks if something is incorrect. Nothing's wrong -- the words just don't really explain what happened to him. She asks him what he means -- he means that he could hear the sound of his flesh being cut. He could also hear the sound of himself screaming like it was coming from someone else, and he thought to himself that the guy he was hearing was going to die. That's such an evocative little speech. Not that I ever really wanted to know what it was like, but I do now. Deb wants to take his hand, but she grabs the side of the table instead. But, then Anton says that King stopped to go through his pockets. He even took his change. "How fucked up is that?" he asks, breaking the hand-taking barrier. Deb finally takes his hand. Come on! Shouldn't these two be together?

When she leaves the interview room, Quinn meets her outside. He asks her if she got anything, but she says that it's nothing she can use. He suggests taking another look at the crime scene to see if they missed anything. Deb replies that she'll do whatever it takes to catch the guy that did this to her boo.

In the lab, Angel enters as Vince is leaning into an open refrigerator. Angel asks that Vince assure him that he's not freezing sperm. Way to encourage him. He informs Angel that, in order to freeze sperm, the specimen must be stored at minus 200 degrees Centigrade, while the fridge there only falls to minus 40. Minus 200? I guess I have to throw all of that stuff out now. Great. Angel looks at him like he's a freak for knowing that information and he responds, "What? I'm a donor. It's my way of giving back." He was grabbing a popsicle to put on his eye. Angel asks God to help the little Vinces that might be walking around. Vince asks if the server is down -- he wants to run a background check on Tammy Okama, the party planner girl. Angel looks at him with a smile and deduces that Vince slept with her. He replies that Vince Masuka does not kiss and tell. Here I was just thinking that he never kissed. He waits a second, then says, "OK, fine, I banged her." He tells Angel that they stayed up all night talking. This raises questions for all of us, including Vince. He thinks something must be wrong with her if she likes him. Angel says that he will let Vince know when the server is back up.

Dexter is in his car watching Miguel. He VO's that, if home is where the heart is and you have no heart, home is a 5-star hotel. Dexter is watching him to learn his new routine now that Syl has kicked him out of the house. We see Ramon driving Miguel's SUV. They both get out of the car and hug. Ramon leaves and a valet takes the car away as Miguel goes inside the hotel. After Ramon is gone, Miguel comes back outside and asks the valet for his keys -- he says that he forgot something. Dexter VO's that ditching Ramon was stupid and he gets ready to follow Miguel.

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