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Blood Shack
le too. Arthur sits him down to tend to his hand, and Dex asks why he keeps the urn out, if it's so painful. "Because she's a part of me, Kyle," Arthur answers. "Makes me who I am." And how! But what if his family saw him flip out like that? "They'd understand," Arthur says. "This is my home. I can be myself here." Okay, now Dexter might just squeal "Jealous!" out loud. Arthur says he used to be secretive -- even lost a relationship over it (wonder if that fine lady will factor into the season somehow?) -- but he met Sally and realized he had to jump in with both feet. Both bloody feet. 'That saved your family?" Dexter asks. Arthur stresses to "Kyle" that his family saved him. Then Dexter rushes out to purchase a Dictaphone, because he's got some notes to take.

Before Dexter heads home, Arthur tells him to hold up. He places his murderin' hammer into a bag of tools and hands them to Dexter. A gift, "for the next build." Arthur sends him on his way, until the next build.

Back at therapy, Dexter has taken the lessons from the murdering psychopath to heart. He wants to jump in with both feet, he wants to let Rita in, but he doesn't know how. "I never learned," he says. This whole scene is fairly fascinating, because it's Dexter being as honest as he can, maybe as he's ever been with Rita. And yet still, he's got things he needs to hold back. So is this Dexter being "honest" with Rita? Or is this Dexter just getting better at lying while seeming to tell the truth? Rita says she understands, given his past. She reveals to the doctor that Dexter's mother was murdered in front of him. Whether Dr. Roma Maffia does or does not make the "ka-ching!" cash register motion with her arm, I can't say. But I can say Dexter looks fairly freaked out to have that information just linger out there for anyone to see. He admits that it shaped who he is today. But he wants to change. (Again, this feels a point.)

Dr. Roma Maffia asks Dexter if he feels afraid to get close to Rita. Dexter: "Yes." Because of his past. "Are you afraid she'll abandon you?" she asks him. Dexter: "Yes." This bracing honesty lands with Rita. "If she ever sees me for who I am..." Dexter begins. Rita is incredulous that Dexter thinks she would leave him. "Absolutely," he says. Rita says she married him because she wants to know the real him. Hmmm. One would hope the marriage vows would come after one feels they know who their prospective spouse really is, but okay.

Dr. Roma Maffia presses Dexter to tell Rita why he really kept his apartment. Here's where things get a lil' bullshitty. "Because...I" Dexter says. "To stuff?" Technically true, but he's also searching for something that will sound honest more than actually is honest. Hilariously, Dr. Roma Maffia interjects that Dexter means he needs space for himself within the marriage, and Dexter is like, "Yeah, that too, but speaking literally, I have shit that needs a place to get set down." At this point, Rita's so pleased with the honesty (or the illusion of honesty) that she's more than willing to give Dexter all the space he needs. Dr. Roma Maffia seems to view this as an unqualified success!

Back at the Mitchell household, Sally is taking a bath in what appears to be skim milk, when Arthur sneaks into the bathroom. The soundtrack plays it as very sinister, but it's actually just a husband wanting to join his wife in the tub. Sally remarks that he's always doing this, though she clearly doesn't mind. He steps in (bringing Naked Lithgow triumphantly back into our lives), and as he arranges himself behind her, it becomes incredibly apparent that this tableau is identical to the scene he sets for his bathtub killings. As is the case with the best Trinity/Arthur scenes, it's deeply, deeply creepy. He even grabs a hand mirror so he and Sally can look at each other in their bliss. Sally, I should mention, is played by uber-character-actress Julia Campbell, who you've seen at least once provided you've watched any television show in the last decade. Off the top of my head, she played the teenage gymnast's mom in the first season of In Treatment, though the role I most remember her for is Jerry's girlfriend in the "Frogger" episode of Seinfeld. Anyway, check out her IMDb page sometime. It's a clinic in how an actress can stay remarkably employed and yet incredibly anonymous.

The water in the Mitchell's tub dissolves into the milk carton in Dexter's kitchen, which grosses me out to no small degree. Dex is pouring himself a coffee when he's joined by Deb, who looks remarkably less like a 10-car pileup. It's because she has renewed purpose: Nikki Wald didn't kill Lundy, Trinity did. She's basing this off of her assumption that Trinity stole Lundy's research, so she's right (or so we're all assuming) for being wrong. Either way, Deb's psyched that she can track the cocksucker down herself; she doesn't have to feel helpless anymore. DVO is annoyed that he now has to plan Trinity's death and worry about Deb getting too close. But it seems like he's taking the path of least resistance for now. Deb says she's not taking the case to LaGuerta yet. She wants to make sure first, "don't want to step on my dick." (Aw, Deb, you ARE back on track!)

Oh, and also? Deb thinks she's found the name of the witness Harry was fucking, way back when. Dexter's ears definitely perk up to that little piece of information, but Deb's holding off on elaborating for now. "Don't want to step on my dick there, either." Dexter sighs the sigh of a man whose life could explode on any of a million fronts.

Deb leaves, only to be replaced by shiny, happy Rita. She leads Dexter to the yard, where, joined by the kids, Dexter places the final touches on what appears to be his Shed of Solitude. No idea why his Shed of Solitude needed to be painted every shade of the LaGuerta Pastel Rainbow. (Though, I will say, it's not nearly as screamingly queer as the barn in these photos.) Inside, Dexter's able to set down his Trunk o' Murderin' Tools, and we see they've even installed an air conditioner, the better to keep his Box o' Blood Slides. I start to question the need for A/C in an exterior shed before I realize it's Miami and I'm surprised their faces haven't melted to the ground yet.

DVO blathers on about evolution and learning to be more "myself" around the fam. Rita has one more thing for Dexter: a padlock for the shed. Dexter faux-protests that they don't need it, but Rita's resolute. They've got kids, and "there's dangerous stuff in there." Oh for Pete's sake, Rita, like they've never seen a BONE SAW before.

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