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"Dex Will Tremble To Take Us."

As he pulls up to the bowling alley, Dex VOs, "Tonight's the night. Really." Yeah, we'll see about that. "Harry would prefer I take more time, but my life is falling apart. Whatever stopped my knife before won't stop it again." Dexter's gotten out of his car, and he walks towards Doakes's cruiser nonchalantly. "Hey, there!" he says, overly cheery. "Gonna work on my release tonight. Practice, practice, practice! Lane's open 'til wanna join me?" Doakes just looks at him, and Dexter walks on. "Fuck it," Doakes says after a moment, and leaves, satisfied that Dexter might actually just be into bowling. Dexter, who's waiting right inside the lobby of the bowling alley, out of sight, waits for Doakes's car to leave. Once Doakes is gone, so is Dex.

It's late-night at the station, and LaGuerta is catching up on some paperwork. She decides it's time for some more coffee, so she heads over to the break room for another cup. The elevator opens on the other side of the room, where Pascal is yelling at some dude and calling him a liar. He begs her to be reasonable, and tries to convince her that "there is nobody else!" You know, I really hope that the writers aren't trying to get us to care about Pascal's life. In the first season, they did the same thing with Angel, but it was different because he's actually a pretty dynamic character and we care about him. I just hope that whatever this situation is about eventually has something do with Dexter killing somebody, because otherwise, I'm going to get frustrated with this kind of filler. Pascal is pissed because this guy sent her "three dozen fucking roses," which I guess she thinks is his way of making something up to her. Poor LaGuerta has shoved herself into the farthest reaches of the break room trying not to be seen as the argument ends with Pascal telling the guy that she has nothing to say to him until he decides to "man up." The guy takes off, and Pascal spots Maria and calls her out. "Fuck," LaGuerta whispers to herself. I would do the same thing, because...awkward. LaGuerta walks out as Pascal apologizes for her having to hear the tiff. "That was my fiancé. We're having some problems." Not wanting to get involved, LaGuerta says, "That happens," and heads back to her desk quietly. Pascal wants to get some things off of her chest, so she follows Maria to her desk and sits down. "I called his house three nights in a row, and he says that he's working so he can't return my phone calls." Maria makes a Fuck Me, I Thought My Body Language Made It Quite Clear That I Don't Want Your Life Story face, but it's lost on Pascal: "Then he comes home and he says he's tired. Well, he's tired because he's out there fucking some bitch." Maria squirms. "I can smell it on him." Well, great. I really hope he's actually out there murdering people and Dexter finds out so we can dead this shit straight away. Seriously, I don't care.

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