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"Dex Will Tremble To Take Us."

Back at his apartment, Dexter knocks and Deb answers. "Are you all right?" he asks. "I heard you got in a bar brawl tonight." Deb doesn't answer, she just grabs Dex's arm and says, "You gotta see this." She drags him back to the bedroom where the news is on the TV. Deb grabs the remote and rewinds (God bless DVR!) to a segment about the treasure hunters finding Dexter's bodies. The news program is showing the bags, and Deb says, "There's bodies in those bags." The announcer says that thirty bags have been discovered, "but salvage efforts are still underway." Dexter sits on the bed, shocked. "Did you hear that?" says Deb. "Thirty bags! Do you know what that means? There might be a mass-murderer out there, way worse than the Ice Truck Killer. Maybe I can finally get some peace." Yeah, because it's all about you, Deb. Ugh. Dexter clutches his chest, and says, "It's amazing," as the sound of his heart beat drowns everything else out.

Not a bad episode, albeit a little short. We're definitely set up for an interesting season. I just hope that they don't spend too much time on Pascal's life, because I find that pretty unexciting. But how's Dexter going to avoid the electric chair? Maybe he'll frame someone? But, that's against the code. Hmm. And what about Little Chino? We definitely haven't seen the last of him. No way.

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