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"Dex Will Tremble To Take Us."

Out on the Slice of Life, Dexter finishes off a beer and tosses the bottle into the water. "I've always enjoyed my work. It brings order to the chaos, fills me with civic pride. But, what was that back there? Not Voodoo. When I picked up the knife, it's like I didn't know who I was. I come here to dump bodies, not beer bottles. Now I'm just a litterbug."

Back at his apartment building, Dexter arrives home to find the door is latched shut. "Deb!" he yells. No answer. He walks over to the bedroom window and sees Deb on the treadmill. He knocks on the window and startles her. "What are you doing working out in the middle of the night?" As she lets him in, Deb says she couldn't sleep, and Dex reminds her that tomorrow is her "big day," which I'm guessing means she's returning to work. She asks him where he's been because she's been worried, and he says, "Bowling." "Kind of late for bowling." "Yeah, well, it's kind of late for your face!" That would be awesome. Instead, he tells her he doesn't really need her opinion, and then bitches at her for not cleaning the place. She says she did, but then got it messy again. None of this is really relevant, except to highlight the fact that they've been living together since the ITK incident, and are clearly having roommate beef. Tensions are high. Dexter suggests she look at some apartments. "If you want me out of here so bad..." "I don't, I just had a bad...bowling night." He tells her that whenever she's ready, he'll help, and she thanks him. "Thanks for putting up with me." Yeah, dude, you're a saint. "You're all I got," she says, a little misty-eyed. "That's not such a great bargain for you, huh?" asks Dex. "I'm not complaining," she replies, and goes to bed. Dex VOs that Deb can't really sleep anymore. "I guess that's what happens when your fiancé tries to chop you up into small, bloodless pieces." Guess so. He cleans off Jimmy Sensio's blood slide, and says, "Pathetic."

Flashback time! Teen Dex is at a shooting range with Harry. "Did you see that?" says Dexter. "That's nice shooting, Dex." Hee! "We need to talk," says Harry. Dexter won't shut up about the gun, and Harry tells him to slow down. "I've got bad news. They need me to take a shift at work." "Right now? What about the boar hunt?" "We'll plan another trip." "I've waited two weeks for this trip!" "You can wait another one." "No, I can't!" says Dex, clearly upset. "If you read the books, you'd know that psychopaths like me have a low tolerance for frustration." "Dexter, enough with the psychopath bullshit. You're in control of your urges, not the other way around." Dexter says that he needs this trip, and that it's not just a sport to him. Harry says he's sorry, and grabs the gun, which fires, throwing Harry to the ground. Whoa, dude. Hope he's okay. Obviously he is, because he didn't die until much later in Dexter's life.

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