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"Dex Will Tremble To Take Us."

Over at Rita's, Dexter is presenting a lackluster array of pastries to Astor and some kid we're supposed to believe is Cody. It seems the actor has been replaced, but this kid seems fine; not overly precocious, thankfully. Astor comments that one of the donuts has cheese on it, and Dexter informs that it's a danish. She seems kind of grossed out by it. Cody can't believe some of the donuts don't even have anything on them at all. "Some people like donuts plain, no frosting." Cody takes an unenthused bite of the plain donut, and Dexter VOs, "I can't even get donuts right. What's going on, here?" "Sorry guys, I just ordered a dozen," he apologizes. "Pastry buffs like you two deserve better than this." Astor thanks Dexter anyway, and gives the danish a shot. Cody mentions that they're going to visit FIP today, and wonders if Dex wants to join. "'Fraid I gotta work, buddy." Rita comes out, looking frisky, and thanks Dexter for getting there so quickly. "What's the emergency?" he asks her. She just grabs his hand and leads him to the bedroom. Once they're alone, she says, "We're good for fifteen minutes," and disrobes in a hurry. She says she knows they're supposed to have dinner tonight, but she had an urge. "I'm all for satisfying urges," Dex replies as Rita tackles him. "I just wish I knew why I couldn't satisfy mine last night," he VOs as they make out heavily. After a little while, it's apparent that there's no boneration in Dex's downtown bonanza, and he thinks, "Any minute now..." It's clear there's going to be no sex at the Bennett house this morning, and Dexter sits up and apologizes. "No, it's my fault. I shouldn't be springing this on you," Rita says. Well, he's certainly not springing anything on you, know what I mean? Eh? Eh? Fine, sorry. He tells her he's feeling "pressure at work," and rubs his eyes. Rita seems understanding, and hugs him warmly, and we get a nice shot of some side-boob as we head over to...

The lab, where Dexter's looking at some pictures of Jimmy Sensio and VOing, "I'll be okay: I followed the code, the stock was good. I'm just a little rusty since killing my brother. Or maybe I took pity on my victim. Sure, he's a heinous killer, but he also bumps into walls." Doakes pulls a Surprise, Motherfucker! and Dex instantly switches the screen to a porn website called Flirt4Free. "Hey, Sergeant! Thanks for supporting the bowling team," says Dex. "Fuck you. Where's my report on the Maynard victim?" Dex hands him a folder, and as Doakes looks over whatever results it holds for him, he asks, "So what is that, a titty site?" "Oops, caught me." "Bullshit. What the hell were you really doing in here?" "The tits are right there," explains Dexter, pointing at the screen. "Yeah," says Doakes, "but in ten years, you've never rented a single porn title." Dexter asks how he would know: "Call me an office crazy, but your humbling interest in my personal life could be misinterpreted as harassment in some circles." Doakes dares Dex to report him, and Dex VOs that he could think of an easier solution. Doakes leaves, and heads out to the main office.

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