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"Dex Will Tremble To Take Us."

Deb is interviewing the "Banana Boat" driver who spotted the body in the morning, and he seems like a pretty chipper individual for someone who just discovered a mutilated corpse. Deb is curious about what his whole Banana Tour is all about, and he explains it as a "calypso journey through Miami's inner harbor, and you should try it!" He hands her a pamphlet, and she politely says she'll consider it. Two guys standing over by the police tape start pointing at Deb. One dude says, "Hey, isn't that the Ice Truck Killer's babe? She was in the paper. She's fuckin' hot!" He snaps a couple flicks with his digital camera, which catches Debs attention as she asks the Banana Boat guy if he saw anyone there early in the morning. She turns her back on the guys, but they call out, "Hey, Mrs. Ice Truck Killer! Just turn around. Look scared for the camera." LaGuerta sees this and heads over, clearly feeling a bit protective over Deb for some strange reason. Deb thanks Mr. Banana Boat for his help, and walks back to the cruiser as the two guys continue to harass her. Deb keeps her back to them, and looks like she's going to break down, and the music swells in the soundtrack, leading us to believe something dramatic is going to happen, but she just turns around and gives them the picture they want right as LaGuerta yells, "Morgan!" "What? Did you need help with something?" Deb says as if nothing's bothering her. In the background, some woman has broken through the police tape and is yelling in Spanish. LaGuerta spins around and yells at Doakes, and they both chase after her. "Rafael!" she yells after seeing the body on the rocks, and everyone seems caught off-guard. "Goddammit, Morgan, grab her!" yells Doakes, and Dexter snags the woman before she has a chance to corrupt the crime scene. She yells a bunch of stuff in Spanish that I'm going to interpret as "Holy shit! That's totally my son, Rafael! He's dead! I'm really upset about it, and I want whoever did this to pay!" Finally, LaGuerta gets down there and grabs the woman, telling her in Spanish that she's sorry for her loss, but that she needs to get the fuck out of the crime scene. Doakes is all, "Can we please secure this muthafuckin' crime scene?" As LaGuerta leads the woman away, Dex asks Angel what she said, and Angel paraphrases, "That's her son. She says she knows who killed him: some guy named Little Chino." "It felt like she was asking me something," says Dex. "She was. She wants you to find Little Chino and kill him like a dog." A little girl appears and asks Rafael's mom if she found him, and they embrace as the little girl meets Dexter's eyes. "That look," Dex VOs as he flashes back on his toddler self being carried away by Harry. "I know that look. Like her mother, she wants someone to do something." The little girl looks sad.

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