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"Dex Will Tremble To Take Us."

It's the gunshot from the previous flashback, and Dexter is yelling "Dad!" Harry struggles to get up to his feet, and says, "I'm okay, Dex. I've told you never put your finger on the trigger unless you're shooting!" Dexter asks if he's okay. "Jesus, that was close," says Harry. "My heart's beating out of my chest." Dex looks fascinated, and says, "Let me feel!" "Feel what?" "Your heart!" Dexter puts his hand on Harry's chest, and gets this wild look in his eyes. "That's amazing," he says in total awe. Harry looks like he just smelled a ham 'n' eggs fart, because sometimes his son scares the shit out of him.

Back at the station, Dexter has the same look on his face, and he VOs, "A challenge. A mountain to climb. I need this one."

A little while later, Deb, Dex, LaGuerta and Pascal are all watching Angel and Eva on the monitor. Eva's telling Angel what happened the night before. It seems her son, Rafael was planning to move to Georgia to his uncle's house, obviously effecting the end of his involvement with the 29th St. Kings. Little Chino found out somehow and picked Rafael up last night. Rafael didn't want to go, but was scared not to. Angel asks Eva if she'd be willing to testify to this in court. After a brief hesitation, she agrees to. "I want him to pay," she says. Dexter looks disappointed, because this means the legal system will take care of the guy. "That's discouraging," he VOs, looking at Marissa, the little girl. "With a grieving mother as a witness, Little Chino will never reach my cutting courtroom." Masuka walks up to Deb and says, "Hey, Morgan, you wanna see something swell? Come a little closer." "And the token has spoken. Good to see you, too, Vince." Masuka asks about "Bigfoot," and Dexter flips the monitor to Doakes's interrogation room, where sits the bus of beef.

"Am I speaking clearly?" says Doakes. Beef Bus pauses, leans in, and calmly says, "Yeah." "Then answer my fucking question, Chino. What time did you pick up Rafael last night?" BB answers that he didn't see Rafael last night, and Doakes wonders aloud why Eva would make up that story. BB says she's a heroin addict, that's why. "She was probably high."

Back in the office, where Deb, Dex, and Masuka are all watching this, Deb says that "if that's true, Pascal and LaGuerta are going to have a piss party." Dexter looks up Eva Arenas in the system, and lo and behold, she has two priors for drug possession, which means no jury would consider her a credible witness. "No way the DA is going to put a drug-user on the stand. That cholo is going to walk again," says Deb. "But not very far," Dex VOs as he looks at the little girl. She looks back and smiles. She's a little cutie-pie. "We'll both be vindicated soon."

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