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That'll Do, Nick

Dexter shows up just in time to see Mos Def being loaded into the ambulance, and Deb tells Dexter "it's bad," like THANKS FOR THE UPDATE, and goes on that there are three entrance wounds and no exit wounds. Dexter grabs his case out of his car as DVO intones that whoever did this to Brother Sam doesn't deserve to live, and even though I agree that whoever takes Mos Def off this show should suffer, I feel obliged to point out to Dexter that he was about to kill Mos Def himself only a few scant episodes ago, so maybe rash decisions aren't his friend here? Anyway, Deb tells Dexter that he can't be the blood analyst on this one given his personal ties to Mos Def, but Dexter waves her concerns aside by telling her she can't afford another unsolved case. I mean, I hate to be part of the problem, but I wonder exactly who we're supposed to think is going to be picketing Miami Metro demanding justice for Mos Def, but Dexter's attacks on both Deb's professional standing and the efficacy of anyone in Miami Metro's blood division who isn't him are both valid and kind of hilariously uncalled for.

Anyway, when Dexter steps into the garage, Mos Def's dog starts barking, to Anderson's annoyance. As Anderson and Deb then confer, DVO tells us that obviously, Julio's gang got even with Mos Def for stealing Nick away, which makes me wonder WHY HE'S BOTHERING WITH THE ANALYSIS, THEN. Paying me no mind, he goes on that Julio's replacement is the likely culprit, like BRILLIANT deduction that the new leader might be the mastermind behind the actions of his gang, and then Masuka has to be wildly inappropriate to Greene (that's how IMDb's spelling it, anyway) in the way he describes dusting for prints, like, if EJO wanted to brand Masuka I'd think it'd be both fitting with EJO's mission and appropriate punishment for everything I've had to hear come out of his mouth. I mean, he has the nerve to tell Greene that here at Miami Metro, they're "all rock stars," as if he didn't recently allow a Horrific Nightmare of an Intern to steal evidence from their most notorious case. Deb asks Dexter for his analysis, and it's nice for her to have given him all of twenty seconds and a casual glance, but who cares, we saw it happen and it's not like this part is going to give Dexter any particular insight into the identity of the shooter. Once he's finished, Dexter asks Deb if he can just check in with Jamie, but in reality, he goes into Mos Def's office and retrieves the baseball bat he used to hit that one guy a few episodes ago, who conveniently "seemed to be" Julio's second-in-command. DVO tells us that there's blood on the bat, so if the guy is in the police system, he'll be able to identify him. He scrapes off a bit of the blood and wraps it in a piece of paper...

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