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That'll Do, Nick

In no way is it more apparent that this show doesn't have close to the amount of story to fill its airtime as it, currently in the middle of Season Six, continually giving us establishing shots of one of its only interior locations. It'd be like Mad Men showing us a Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce nameplate before every other scene. It will shock you to learn that we are at MIAMI METRO, and apparently, the show doesn't have the money or wherewithal to construct a therapist's office set, as Deb's shrink has apparently decided to come see her in her office again, like, once was one thing but she's got windows with latticed treatments and her door swung invitingly open. How is this a serious session? Anyway, the therapist asks if there's anything else she wants to talk about, and she says no in a less subtle manner than would a precocious four-year-old. The therapist tells her she's all good with the shooting so they don't have to meet again, and I'm not sure why they couldn't have come to that conclusion last time, but this is enough for Deb to admit that yes, there is one more thing - the other kids won't play with her anymore. She speculates that Quinn is of the opinion that she dumped him because she thinks she's better than him now, and I suppose it's not worth pointing out that actually, he dumped her, and also, I don't know that he even realizes she'd gotten the promotion before he did so. God, this show. She adds that it's awkward with Batista because she took his promotion, and I'll let that one pass even though he's mostly been cheerleading for her, and adds that even being Dexter's boss is weird. The therapist kindly suggests that she's overthinking the situation, and should just focus on doing her job and let the social issues sort themselves out. I mean, this isn't therapy, really, but it's decent enough advice; however, Deb says she's not sure if she knows how to do that. The therapist asks what she'd want to do if she weren't stressing over so much stuff, and Deb smiles that she'd love to be throwing a rocking housewarming party in her HOUSE OF MURDER-SUICIDE. The therapist is like great, do that, and Deb likes the idea; she even takes the woman's card and doesn't, like, shred it. Everything's so positive you can't help but know for sure that the party's going to be an utter disaster.

Dexter stakes out Leo's house in broad daylight. Booo-ring.

Anderson, however, is doing something more interesting, as he catches some junkie and, when he's not forthcoming as to the name of his supplier, "flamingoes" him by cuffing one of his wrists to one of his ankles. Can we get more Anderson and less of all the chuckleheads? Anderson makes to leave him there, but the guy calls for him to wait, and without turning around, Anderson smiles. God, it's nice to have a character around who's enjoying himself.

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