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That'll Do, Nick

Dexter sends a reluctant Jamie and Harrison on ahead to Deb's party (great environment for a young kid, but I guess he's a bit stuck here) before heading to get his kill chest out. However, his phone rings, and it's apparently the hospital with news about Mos Def, which again kind of underscores how ridiculous it was for him to ask Deb for news about Mos Def's condition earlier...

...but anyway, here's Dexter turning up to the hospital and being told by one of Mos Def's crew he doesn't have long - it's just that sometimes people come out of comas when they have important advice to give to fictional characters before they're written off their shows. I mean, again, I'm hardly even paraphrasing here, and how fucking labored and obvious is it for Mos Def to have survived surgery only to wake up and then patiently wait for Dexter to make it over to the hospital so he can tell Dexter not to abandon his light before he goes up to that Great Big Garage In The Sky. I mean, this is actually the first time I'm watching it, but I'd bet money on that. Sure enough, Dexter leans in close and tells Mos Def that he knows it was Nick that shot him, and he's going to make sure he pays, but Mos Def weakly counters that instead, he wants Dexter to give Nick a message for him - tell him he forgives him. I...okay? He says that he doesn't trust any of the boys from the shop with this, I guess because he thinks they'd kill Nick if they knew, but given Dexter's confession about his darkness I wonder why he thinks this is any better a choice. Why not have Nick come to the hospital and forgive him directly? Oh, because he wants Dexter to embrace his light, even though Dexter does not look ready to do that at all. Mos Def, however, tells him to forgive Nick and "just let it go," for his own sake - it's the only way Dexter will find any peace. Mos Def does not then appear to expire on the spot, which frankly is more than I expected from this scene.

Batista turns up to Casa Murder-Suicide with an apparently-expensive bottle of something and an apology for keeping the Quinn and Porter thing from her. They have a long-winded discussion that's not worth recounting, but he does assure her it won't happen again, she forgives him, and things seem normalized between them in the larger scheme of things. Jamie then appears and is awkward with Deb for a bit, and it's probably too much to expect that these people all are going to take cabs when they're drinking, but if not, it seems a bit irresponsible from both a liability and propriety standpoint for a police lieutenant to be serving booze here (especially to interns, right?), but regardless, I give her a little credit for telling Jamie, who's obviously nervously trying for this result, that she knows they got off on the wrong foot, and could they start over? Jamie is only too happy to accept the proffered olive branch, so Deb goes... to open the bottle, I think, which apparently has to take place elsewhere, leaving Greene the opportunity to approach Jamie and ask her if Dexter is as cool at home as he is at work. Oh, I see, instead of him being a serial killer, he's just going to serve to make Masuka jealous of Dexter. If I yawned in proportion to what I think of that development I think I might break my jaw. I still do like Greene, though. This show needs some - you know what I'm going to say - new blood. As if to prove my point, a completely ripshit Quinn shows up with some blonde on his arm and starts giving Deb attitude before he's even through the door. To her credit, when the blonde learns that Deb is Quinn's ex, she's out of there in two seconds flat, but why Deb doesn't send him out the door next (and really, out of the department - given how he's handling things, he needs to be transferred) I have no effing idea.

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