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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

Angel opens up his trunk, and grabs the microwave that's sitting there. He hands it to Masuka, who asks, "You got something smaller?" "The last time Lila was in my apartment, she microwaved some popcorn." Mmm, popcorn. Hold on a sec, you guys? I'll be right back, promise.

(Crunch, crunch). Okay, sorry. Anyway, Angel assures Masuka that Lila's prints are on the microwave somewhere. "Next time, make her a cup of tea." Yeah, like, ha ha, Masuka. As if there's going to be a next time.

In the office, Dexter walks with some woman over to Deb's desk. "This is Marlene, from accounting." "Hi, Marlene, from accounting," says Deb. "She's also a notary public." "Good for you," says Deb. Deb, stop being an asshole. "I met with a lawyer, yesterday, and he helped me prepare a living trust. It gives you control of all my assets in the event of my death, or certain other situations." "Oh, God. Go away, this is creepy." Dex says his financial planner said a guy his age should have a will: "It's just a precaution." "We're all going to die eventually," says Marlene. Someone get this lady a SAG card! Deb agrees to sing everything, and asks Dex if this is why he was acting so weird on the phone. "Probably." "Thanks for showing up last night to support Batista," Deb snarks. "I am supporting Batista. I stopped by Lila's this morning." "And?" "And, I talked to her. I don't think she's going to be a problem." Yeah, my ass. "Yeah, because she certainly hasn't been one, so far." Word, Deb. It's like you read my mind! Dexter invited Deb over for steaks and beers later: "There's something I want to talk to you about." "Sure! Sounds good!" Yeah, it does. Mmm, steak. No, Mr. S, you've already got popcorn! I know, but steak! I'm sorry you guys had to read that.

"Special Agent Lundy? It's Lieutenant LaGuerta, I'm calling you from Haiti." "Lovely this time of year." "Look, I understand that I'm not your favorite person at the station right now, but I really need your help." "How so?" "I just met with Leonis, the travel agent that Doakes saw?" "There's nothing new, there. I had two agents question him for hours." "Yet, he never told them about the blood-slides." "What does he know about the blood-slides?" "Doakes was looking for a lab to have them analyzed." "Why?" "I don't know why." "If he's our killer, he'd be keeping them for trophies. He'd have no reason to have them analyzed." "I'm not so sure Leonis is our most reliable witness." "No, but it's worth looking into, isn't it?" Lundy agrees. This could be trouble. Or it could be a red herring. We'll see.

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