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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

Dexter grabs his beer before Deb can move on to it, and comments, "You're really feelin' good!" "Fuck yeah," she exclaims. "I gotta say, great timing, Dex, getting together tonight? Last few months I was starting to feel like I had my head pretty far up my ass." Dexter tells her that nobody blames her for that, considering what happened with Rudy: "Your world was turned upside-down." "Like mine is now," he VOs. Deb says that for the first time since "all that Ice Truck Killer shit, I'm back. New, and improved, even!" Dex brings dinner over to the breakfast bar, and asks Deb, "When all that stuff was happening, with Rudy, I mean, did you ever consider doing something...drastic?" Deb thinks about it for a moment, showing Dexter that she's taking the question seriously because his face is telling her to. "Are you kidding? All kinds of fucked-up shit went through my head. Thank God I had you." "Really?" he asks, genuinely surprised at the sentiment. "Yeah! Every time I started to spin out of control, I had you to grab on to. Hell, you let me live here for practically forever! It was tough, though. I'd have done almost anything to get out from the weight of it all." Dexter looks perplexed. "How'd you finally do it?" he asks. "I just...saw through it, you know? You decide who you are, who you want to be, and you hold on to that. Ride it out." Dexter looks amazed, and the Piano of Dawning Realization begins to tinkle, low in the mix. "Like an Old West Sheriff," says Dexter quietly, now taking a big swig o' beer, himself. Deb takes a big bite of steak, and compliments Dex on his culinary prowess. "This is worth livin' for!" she says, and forks a bite into Dexter's mouth.

Smiling as he chews, Dexter sighs largely, happy with the taste. "You're absolutely right," he says. Deb asks what he wanted to talk about, and he tells her, "Oh, nothing." As they head to the living room for more meat and beer, they share an enjoyable evening together in slow-motion as Dexter VOs, "So, this is me, riding it out. Harry may have rejected me, but Deb clearly believes in me, so why shouldn't I? I'm not turning myself in! This isn't Harry's life, it's mine. I made a plan to frame Doakes, and I'm going to stick with it." Nice! Do it, dude! You know, if it weren't for the whole "framing Doakes" part, I'd swear you just got back from a Landmark Education meeting.

Deb's phone rings, and she answers. "Morgan. No shit? Okay, okay, I'm on my way." She hangs up and tells Dex, "They found Doakes's fuckin' rental car." Dexter is flabbergasted: "Really? His car? Did they find Doakes?" "No, but the search grid is closin' in. We gotta get to the station!" Deb jumps up, heading for the door, as Dex VOs, "Actually, I've got to make sure they don't find Doakes in a cage."

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