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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

"Dexter Morgan," he answers. A Dr. Hill is on the other end, from Good Samaritan Hospital, and he's calling for Lila. "How did you get this number?" It seems Dexter is listed as her emergency contact. Oh, brother. This should be fun. "Ms. Tournay was rushed to our ER in respiratory arrest. Can you come to the hospital?" Dexter informs the good doctor that he's two hours away: "Call somebody else." "Mr. Morgan, there's a legal complication." "What kind of complication?" "I can't discuss it over the phone. You really need to be here." Oh, no! I hope Lila's okay! Not! I hate her! Dexter goes back inside to gather his things as Doakes asks where he's going. "Don't worry," replies Dex, "I'll send the FBI your way soon enough." "You're still going to try to frame me?" "Yeah, I'm kind of down a path, here. You'll get your chance to tell them I'm a killer, and they'll ignore you like before, and I'll --" "You'll burn in Hell is what you'll do." "Yeah, something like that." Dexter's outta there, and once Doakes is sure he's gone, he moves a couple boxes in his cage that have been covering what he's been working on: a hole that he's been kicking at to get free. He wraps a towel around his leg, and gets kickin'.

Over at the hospital, Dexter walks down the corridor in slow-motion and quickly flashes back to younger, wigged Deb, who's crying and walking down the same corridor. "He's gone, Dex. Dad's heart finally gave out." Back in the present, Dex VOs, "Harry's heart gave out when he saw what's inside me. He thought he could tame it, give it a purpose, help it find a place in the natural order. Guess he was wrong." Hmm, yeah, guess so. Whatever, Harry was a dick. Fuck that guy. Dexter rounds a corner, and finds Angel talking to a doctor. Angel sees Dexter and stands up, saying his name in disbelief. The doctor stops Angel from approaching Dexter, telling him he needs a minute alone. "Dr. Hill, we spoke on the phone regarding your girlfriend, Ms. Tournay." "She's not my girlfriend," says Dex. "Oh. I thought she said she was." "Yeah, she probably did." "So, you're --" "It's complicated. Look, why is Angel here?" The doctor explains that they found Rohypnol in Lila's system, and that "with the bruising and a wound to the back of her head, we may be looking at sexual assault." "No, no that didn't happen," says Dexter adamantly. Dr. Hill mentions that Lila has requested a rape kit. Fuck. "I need to talk to her," says Dexter, looking vexed.

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