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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

In Lila's room, Dexter approaches her bed and she looks over at him. "Dextah," she whispers, "come to see me? So sweet." "The doctors think Angel raped you," he says bluntly. "Did he? It feels a bit fuzzy." "This is desperate. It won't work." "What are you talking about?" she bullshits. "I'm just glad you're here. I missed you so much." "And this is how you win me back? Framing a good man to get what you want." "Which is precisely what I'm doing to Doakes," he VOs. Heh, true, good point. Except, he's not exactly a "good" man, but I'll let it slide. I mean, he's a good character, but a good man? Lila reaches out and strokes Dexter's hand. "What's the mattah, Dextah? You look so sahd." Dexter pulls his hand away abruptly, giving her a serious hate face. "Don't do this." "I won't press charges against Angel, I'll do whatever you want, if you promise to take me back." "Why can't you just let me go?" "Because I'm your real soul-mate." Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that term, "soul-mate"? It makes me want to punch infants, or club seals. Put sugar in gas tanks. Fart on the pillows of strangers. I hate it! Sorry. "Not Rita, me. I see you inside. I'm the only one." "Look where it's gotten you," says Dexter right before he peaces out. Lila looks unamused, and a bit scary. Well, she's always a bit scary.

At some café, Dexter and Angel are finishing up a meal, talking about all this craziness. "You know that I could never do anything like that, right?" asks Angel. "You don't even have to say anything, Angel," says Dexter earnestly. "You warned me about her, but my dick wouldn't listen. I could lose everything over this. What would I say to my little girl?" Dexter mentions that the doctor said that Lila has seventy-two hours to press charges, and that hopefully she'll come to her senses. Angel looks pained, which David Zayas really plays well, what with his furrowed brow and whatnot. "I should get home and grab a few hours of sleep," says Dexter, motioning to pay the bill. "No, I got it," says Angel. "You know, Angel," says Dex, "if I got to choose a person, a real person, to be like? Out of anyone, it'd be you." Angel looks touched, but confused: "I'm not really sure what that means, but thanks, Dex. I'll see you in the morning." Aw, poor Angel! I don't say it enough, but he really is one of my favorite characters on this show. David Zayas plays him perfectly, this down-on-his-luck guy. He conveys so well Angel's optimism despite the mess his personal life has become. Before he leaves, Angel tells Dex he'd appreciate it if he didn't mention this whole situation to anyone at work, and Dexter agrees. "How did it come to this?" Dex VOs. "I've always gone after criminals, now I have the fate of two cops in my hands. Doakes was right; the cancer is spreading."

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