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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

Next morning, Deb bitches that Lundy's out of yogurt. They small-talk about who's going to pick up more, and Lundy mentions that they're already late for work. "Hey, who joined who in the shower this morning?" asks Deb. "How about in the future I set the alarm ten minutes earlier?" "Make it twenty." Okay, that's enough, you two. "The future? I'm liking the sound of that," says Deb. Lundy's phone rings with a text message, and he says, "We're being ordered to work." "Fuck that! You're the head of the task force, you do the ordering!" Deb then gets the same text message. "Who's D. D. Adams?" she asks. "My boss." Duhn-duhn-duuuuuhn!

"Mission accomplished," Dex VOs, looking down at a set of knives that looks familiar. "The weapons I tossed into the ocean were found as planned. One more nail in Doakes's coffin." Matthews tells everybody to listen up, and he introduces Deputy Director Max Adams, Lundy's boss. "He's gonna be helping us out for a while." Lundy enters with Deb and gives Adams a look. "Max." "Frank." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." Just kidding. Max takes the helm, and addresses everyone in the room: "The murder weapons before you were recovered yesterday by a beginning scuba-diving class. The instructor contacted the FBI directly, which brought them to my attention. Fingerprint analysis ties them to one James Doakes." Maria bitches to Matthews about how the knives don't prove anything, and he tells her to bring it up later. "Why wasn't I brought in on this?" asks Lundy. "You just were, Frank." Oh, damn! Burn! "Lundy better watch his back," Angel whispers to Deb. Adams shows some footage from a Mobil station just outside of Naples, and we can Doakes filling up his rental car. "Ladies and gentlemen, Sergeant James Doakes." "Can't believe it," whispers Masuka to Dex. "$3.49 for regular?" God, shut up, Masuka. You used to be funny and quirky, but now you're just an afterthought. Shut your cake-hole. "So, we have let our target get away once," continues Adams smarmily. "Let's not drop the ball again." "Asshole," whispers Deb under her breath. "It won't be long, now," Dex VOs as Adams lays out the plan. "I can hang this on Doakes, and then...then what? Years of trials and appeals with him pointing his finger and calling me killer? For such a neat monster, I'm making an awfully big mess." What're you thinking, Dex? Don't tell me you're actually entertaining the notion of bringing yourself in! That's not like you. What about "rule number one"?

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