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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

Back with Doakes, who's in the thick of the Everglades's marshes. He stops for a drink of water, and notices a huge alligator nearby. He slowly makes his way around it. After a while, Doakes reaches some water, and sees an airboat (I prefer "Fantoonaire") with two men on it. He yells out to them and motions to the shore a few yards away. The two men stop on the shore, and Doakes thanks them profusely. He explains that he's been held prisoner in a cabin, and the men speak to each other in Spanish. Understanding what they said, Doakes replies, "No! I don't want to go back to the cabin! I need you to get my ass out of here, I'm a police Sergeant..." Before he can finish, the smaller guy gets the drop on Doakes with his pistol, slamming into the back of his neck and knocking him out. Well, that's just great. Poor Doakes just can't catch a break! I'm guessing these guys are friends of the late Chris Harlow, Jimenez's coke contact that Dexter sliced up last week. How they found the cabin is anyone's guess, though.

Deb walks purposefully into Lundy's office and tells him she has to head upstairs to deal with the Angel thing, but she wanted to see if they were on for lunch. "Doubtful," says Lundy. "I've got to write up a status report for Deputy Director Adams." "Why'd they send that dip-shit?" "Washington gets nervous when there's no movement on a case, especially one as big as this." "No movement? You're the reason they found the blood-slides in Doakes's car." "I'm also the one who let him get away." "We all let him get away." "I was in charge." Lundy keeps talking shit about himself and making himself feel bad, but Deb tells him to "stop it." "Stop what?" "Acting like me. You're a god. Don't you forget it." Aw, that was nice. But, "a god"? Really? Really?

Dex is with Rita, and he's pretty convinced that the carburetor is the problem, but he's not totally sure: "I'm more of a boat guy." "Last thing I need right now is a major repair bill. Then throw in a tow and a rental car...there goes Astor's piano lessons." Dex tells her to take the minivan, but she doesn't want to put him out. "You can drop me off back at work. I'll borrow something from the motor pool." Rita's unsure, but eventually agrees, and she thanks Dexter. "I'll make it up to you. Dinner?" "I have a better idea. Pack a lunch, bring the kids, and let me take you out on the ocean tomorrow." Rita says the kids have school, but Dexter tells her to "think of it as a field trip." "You don't know Cody's teacher --" "It's just one day, just one more day." Sounds like he's preparing for something. "One more day"? Rita asks him if everything is okay, and he replies, "After everything we've been through lately, I just want to be together with you guys. Is that selfish?" "No. No, it's lovely." Yeah, it is.

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