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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

Later on, Dexter returns to the cabin. Boy, is he in for a treat! "Sergeant Doakes can rejoice: I come bearing real food." As soon as he gets in front of the cabin, he stops and sees the front door is open. He quietly makes his way inside and sees the busted-up cage. "Shit!" he whispers, and then, as if in response, he hears a voice speaking Spanish. Quickly, Dex takes cover behind the porch as Doakes leads the two men to the cabin. The Sergeant is wearing some makeshift rope handcuffs, and the smaller guy runs in to the cabin as the other guy holds Doakes at gunpoint. Once the little guy's inside, Dexter catches Doakes's eye. Doakes smiles a little bit as Dexter holds a finger up to his mouth in a "shh" motion. The little guy returns with an armload of coke, and places it all in Doakes's arms. He returns to the cabin, and Dexter quietly follows him in. Doakes, who totally understands what's up, motions to head back to the Fantoonaire, distracting the gunman from Dexter's actions. We hear a brief struggle from inside, and Doakes continues to talk shit to the gunman. Dexter heads back outside, and moves around the cabin to get a clear shot. Once he and Doakes make eye contact, Doakes throws the coke in the guy's face and Dexter pops a shot (with the little guy's gun) into his chest, killing him. Doakes, who's hunched over on the ground, pants as Dexter comes out from the brush and kicks the guy over to make sure he's deceased. Satisfied that he is, he asks Doakes, "Friends of yours?" "From what I can tell, they're friends of that drug dealer," he replies, referring to Harlow. "They would have killed me once I had all that coke on the boat. Thanks, Morgan." They share a brief moment, and Doakes stands up, having relieved himself of his rope-cuffs. Dexter points the pistol at him. "Oh, this is awkward," says Dex.

Doakes is back in his cage, looking surly, but also understanding, in a weird way. "I think we made some alligators very happy," says Dexter as he comes around to the side of the cage. He pulls up a bench and sits down. "So, here we are," says Doakes, "back to fuckin' square one." "Not exactly," says Dex as he rattles the lock and chain he's put on the cage to prevent Doakes from escaping again. "Tell you what, James. Can I call you James?" "Knock yourself out." "I'm toying with an idea. I've been under Federal investigation for two months. My trophies were stolen." "Sorry," says Doakes, and I think he might actually mean it. "The code I live by has been shattered," Dex continues, "and I have a coworker in a cage. Things aren't going so well." "No shit," laughs Doakes bitterly. "I can see that." "You told me to take responsibility for who I am. You were right. Harry killed the wrong person." "Morgan, you're not thinkin' about --" "Killing myself? No, that's pathetic. But I can't live in this house of cards, anymore, waiting for it all to fall down. I need to do something, you know?" Dexter takes a deep breath. "I'm thinking about turning myself in." Doakes looks shocked, and he grabs his shit bucket to pull up a seat so he can and Dexter can talk eye to eye. "That's...that's a good call, Morgan," he says amiably. "That's a tough call, but that's a good call, man." "Gah, I need some fucking relief!" "Yeah, you can't keep runnin', man. That's for pussies." Doakes is clearly trying to reinforce the decision by setting this new Dexter against his previous self. "You're just going to end up in exactly the same situation, sooner or later." "Prison? I could finally get some sleep." "Yeah." "In the long run, it'd be easier on Deb, Rita. Better than watching me dragged in like an animal, which, let's face it, will happen...some day." "Yeah. Morgan, we'll do it together," says Doakes quietly, trying to assure Dexter that he's making the right call. "I'll go with you. Come on, let's go." Dexter stops him: "If I do this, I need a day to get my affairs in order." Doakes says that he's cool with that: "Tie me up, throw me in the trunk. Come on, let's go." Dexter tells him that he brought Doakes some fresh fruit to eat while he waits: "Make sure you mention that when they interview you for the story of my life." "Goddammit, Morgan, you're not gonna leave me in this cage again, are you? Anything could happen!" Dexter's not convinced, though, and he gets up to leave. On his way out, he faces Doakes and says, "I've really enjoyed our conversations, James. I lie to everyone I know, except my victims, right before I kill them. It's hard to establish much of a rapport, there. Sorry about the cage." He heads out, and Doakes continues to call out his name in vain.

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