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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

Dexter stands on the porch for a while, basking in the moonlight. After a minute, he grabs his phone and makes a call to Deb. "What?" she answers saltily. "Hey, Deb, it's me. What are you doing tonight?" "I'm about to get off work, why?" "I've got some papers I need you to sign." Confused, she asks him what kind of papers. "I'll explain when I see you." Deb mentions that she's going out for drinks with Angel and Masuka, and that Dexter should come out and bring the papers with him. Dex asks how Angel's holding up. "How do you think he's doing? This is all your fault, you know, if you hadn't fucked Elvira..." "I'm not the best brother, am I?" "Dexter, are you smoking something?" asks Deb, having noticed Dexter's odd tone. "No. I've always been curious to try, do you have any? Weed?" "Okay, now I'm really worried." "There's no need to worry. I'll bring by the papers tomorrow. Bye, Deb." Dex hangs up and VOs, "It's strange; this should be difficult, but a sense of peace is settling over me. Calm. Maybe it's the moonlight."

At the station, Matthews is walking with Adams, and LaGuerta asks him for a moment. "Tom, I need a personal day." He hopes that she's joking, but she assures him she's not: "Just one day. I think I can prove that James is innocent." After she mentions some leads in Haiti, Matthews stops her: "Jesus Christ, Maria, we are in the middle of a manhunt! You're down two detectives, and now you want time off? The answer's no, the department can't spare you, right now." "This wasn't a request, Tom. I won't be here, tomorrow. I just wanted you to know that." Hmph. Wonder where this is heading.

Angel, Deb, and Masuka all take a shot at the bar, and they all immediately recoil from whatever foul liquor they just imbibed. "What is this shit, Masuka?" demands Deb. "Hey, tequila's all the same." "Not when it's made from pumpkins!" "Hey, we're not all on the same pay grade!" Angel chimes in, "If I lose my job over this, bro, I won't have a pay grade." Deb assures him that won't happen because everyone knows he's innocent. Angel wants to know how he's supposed to prove it, though: "I can't explain the roofies, the rough sex." "There was rough sex?" asks Masuka. "It was her idea. Now it's my word against hers. I'm screwed." Deb insists that Angel fight back, and Masuka agrees. Angel tells them he appreciates the support, and Masuka changes the subject: "Does it ever floor you guys that we had a killer right under our noses this whole time? I mean, who doesn't see that shit?" Deb gives him a look, and he tries to backpedal. "It's alright," says Deb. "That stuff doesn't bother me, anymore." She goes to get another round.

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