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To Burn Out Or Fade Away

Lila's buzzer rings, and she heads to the front door. When she opens it, she finds Dexter standing there. "Dextah, I was wondering when you'd show up." "We need to talk." "Sounds good to me. I'm, eh, making coffee, do you want one?" Dexter dives right in: "I'm here to ask you respectfully to drop the charges against Angel." "Dextah, if Angel molested me, as the evidence seems to indicate, then he should face the consequences, don't you think?" God, I fucking hate her so much. Stupid twunt. "Doesn't matter what I think," says Dex, "but here's what I know: after tomorrow, I won't be around, anymore, so there's no endgame in this for you." "You going somewhere?" "It's looking more and more likely." "Where?" "All that matters is that I'll be out of reach, permanently." "Come on, Dextah! Tell me! I have roight to knower!" "You're the one who taught me to accept the things you can't change! This is one of those things." Heh, nice. You tell that ass-face, Dex. "Goodbye, Lila." He shuts the door behind him. Nice. Take that, LMPMT.

Over at Lundy's, Deb is complaining that men are stupid. It's true. We're all fools. "How else could Dex and Batista be so easily duped by Lila?" she asks. "I took one look at her and I knew she was a walking nightmare." "It's not stupidity, it's simply in our DNA," says Lundy. "When a pretty girl smiles and bats her eyelashes, we're powerless to resist." Yeah, we suck. Damn you, penis! Khaaaaaaaaan! Wait, huh? Sorry. Deb says she's worried about Angel: "This is so fucked. There's no way I'm going to let him take the fall for this." "What can you do?" asks Lundy. Deb has an idea. Batting her eyelashes, she walks over to him and says, "Well, Special Agent Lundy, I was wondering if you might access those great big FBI files of yours and do a search on Ms. Lila Tournay?" He sighs, and says, "You see? Powerless to resist." Heh, nice one Deb. Lundy opens up his laptop, and with a few keystrokes, he's in the system. Deb asks him if Adams will be pissed for using the FBI files for this, and he says, "I certainly hope so." Yeah, stick it to the man! Apparently, Lila has no warrants, no criminal record, and no Social Security number. "What about visas, or green cards, or whatever?" asks Deb. Lundy tells her there's nothing on her. "That's impossible. Everyone has a paper trail." "Everyone real," replies Lundy. "That sneaky bitch! She's using an alias." Lundy agrees, and Deb wonders aloud how she's supposed to find out Lila's real name. "I think you know the answer to that," says Lundy. "Cut off her head and look for a label!" "There's probably an easier way."

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