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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dex..."

Back in Dexter's apartment, he flips the photo over to reveal a smiley face drawn on the back, the same smiley face on the tree trunk at the landfill that got turned into condos where nothing happened. Damn, this guy's good! "My friend left this," Dex VOs. Well, duh. "He's showing me where to go." Again, duh. "Am I going because that's what he wants, or because that's what Harry would want? What do I want?" I think you want to go over there, bro! Get crackin'!

Doakes is back at his house, and it seems like a similar setup to before when Geurrero's guys were giving him non-verbal guff. Predictably, a couple of guys jump him, put a bag over his head, and club him a couple of times for good measure. Yikes. Well, that was fast.

Now at the dilapidated Angel of Mercy Hospital, Dexter's getting ready for an exciting evening. "Hospital's shut down now, abandoned for years. But tonight, it's visiting hours again." Hell yeah it is! I think he's going to break in, you guys. I think someone is expecting him...

Guerrero is leaning against his car as the two thugs who just kidnapped Doakes roll up and pop the trunk. After Doakes has been thrown on the ground and had the cover removed from his face, Guerrero says, "Hello James. Why'd you have to be such a pain in the ass, eh?" Doakes tries to get up, and a severe beating ensues. Okay, now I know he can sometimes put the "prick" in "prickly," but I definitely feel bad for James Doakes right now. I would not want to be at the mercy of a Miami crime lord. Not cool at all.

At Angel of Mercy, Dexter is snooping around in the dark with a flashlight, having successfully gained entrance somehow. Of course, there are rats, and the whole place looks pretty dank. Suddenly, Dexter hears some muffled cries, and moves in their direction.

Guerrero tells Doakes to get up, now that's he been sufficiently thrashed. "You traumatize my little girl in church? Break the knees of my best earner? You're a wild dog, sergeant." And, as he pulls out a pistol, "The only thing to do with a wild dog is..." Apparently, he was about to say "get blasted in the shoulder by someone who's arrived to save the day at the last minute," because that's what happens. Who wants to bet it's MacNamara? ...Jackpot! "Police! Hands in the air!" he yells, and without hesitation blasts one of Guerrero's men. Doakes must be really strong, because he takes out the other guy with just one punch. MacNamara: "I thought you could use some backup." He proceeds to tell Guerrero that now that they've caught him going after a cop, he's theirs. Doakes realizes aloud, "This was the plan all along? Use me as bait to bring down Guerrero?" "Yeah, and now my sister can rest in peace. We're done now, Doakes. We're even." As they collect Guerrero and his thugs, Doakes is left to either appreciate his life or hate MacNamara, or both. I really hope this storyline is over, because it's really not been that cool.

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