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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dex..."

Dexter enters a large and disgusting room, and discovers a man lying on a cot on the floor below. He's blindfolded, and he's missing his left hand and the bottom half of his right leg. I wonder if this is Tucci! Just kidding. It's totally Tucci. Dexter runs down, and stops at the bed, quietly analyzing what he's seeing. "Please," says Tucci, clearly having heard Dex's footsteps. "Just do it. Kill me. I'm ready. Just don't cut me anymore." While he speaks, Dexter looks around at all the instruments, and I can't tell if he's just fascinated with the scene, or if he's actually thinking about putting this guy out of his misery. "Gift-wrapped, and begging for death, tools at the ready," Dexter VOs. "He was left here so I would kill him. But my new friend doesn't see me as clearly as he thinks. I can't kill this man: Harry wouldn't want it, and neither would I." A clanging noise from above makes Dexter wheel around, and a flash bulb goes off. The figure behind the camera, clearly the ITK, takes off. Dexter gives chase, but as soon as he reaches the top of the stairs, he finds the Polaroid camera, with the new picture sticking out of it.

Over with Deb, who's still going over surveillance footage. A woman from the front desk comes in, and hands her a message from dispatch. It says, "Tucci...Angel of Mercy Hospital -- Basement." Deb asks who it's from, but the lady's already gone.

Back at the abandoned hospital, Tucci's already being wheeled out on a gurney, and there's all kinds of police vehicles and lights everywhere. As Tucci passes Deb and Dex standing on the lawn. She's punching him jovially on the arm, excited about her "accomplishment." Captain Astor walks up and says, "I don't know who your contacts are, Morgan, but you are my up-and-comer. You saved a man's life tonight." "I was just the one who got the call, sir." "Yeah, but you followed it up." Oh, great. Fucking LaGuerta's here. "Where are we at?" she wants to know. Astor tells her that Morgan's tip was good, and that Tucci's headed over to the county hospital. "Alive?" LaGuerta wants to know. Astor responds affirmatively, pats Deb on the shoulder, and takes his leave. Dexter chimes in, "So, I suppose this gets Deb off of surveillance tape duty?" "Really?" LaGuerta responds, sardonically. "Is that what you suppose?" God, why does she have to be like that? Ugh. Before she can continue the dick parade that is her life, Angel interrupts, saying that he got her page. LaGuerta tells him since Doakes is caught up with the Guerrero bust, he's taking point on this, and that she wants significant forensic evidence. She tells him to "use Morgan here," referring to Deb.

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