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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Dex..."

Over at the station, Deb is working her way through surveillance footage as Dexter gets to work on the foot, VOing, "Unlike Harry, my new friend doesn't place much value on blending in. He wants me to see who he is and what he does. Everything about him is brazen, authentic. What does that make me?" I don't know. Discerning? Dexter drops a test tube, and exasps, "Crap!" Angel rolls up and tells Dex to not "let this asshole get to you, man," and continues to compliment him and tell him how much they need him. Then, out of nowhere, Angel busts out a little box with a hideous ring inside. Dexter asks if it's a butterfly, but Angel says that it's a diamond-studded four-leafed clover, which, geh. Ugly. Apparently he's giving it to Nina for their ten-year anniversary. Dexter congratulates him, and Angel begins to worry that "maybe it does look a little like a bug." Dexter is back in ITK world now, though, because he's just discovered that the blood flow around the severed hand and foot are consistent with them having been cut off while Tucci's heart was still pumping, which means he could still be alive.

They bring the news to LaGuerta, who's talking with Doakes about something. Dexter announces that he thinks "the Ice Truck Killer is keeping [Tucci] alive to perform amputations." He also goes on to explain that he thinks another body part is coming the following morning, as that would match the pattern of the first two. LaGuerta jumps up, and commands Doakes to put a task force together. Doakes, Angel, and Dexter all exit the room, and we're left with LaGuerta telling someone to "have Captain Matthews call me back immediately." She hangs up, pensively waits a minute, then picks up the phone again. Of course, she's calling Mrs. Tucci, once again jumping the gun without all the facts. "We believe your son is alive!" She then promises to find him, and I promise to stick an ice pick under my toenail if I have to watch this character completely fuck with this poor woman's mind any further.

Task force time, and Doakes is breakin' it down: "We've got a live body, now, people. We want to find Tucci while he's still breathin'. That means trying to find out where tomorrow's drop is, so we can catch our man in the act." Good call, Jimmy. That's right. "Jimmy." Do something about it, I dare you. When Doakes asks about the photos, all the cops standing around make feeble contributions, like, "Photos capture memories." Dexter is lightly amused by them: "I almost feel sorry for them, trying to put together a puzzle when they don't know pieces are missing from the box. Pieces he gave me. He wants me to play the game his way." Finally, Dexter chimes in to the meeting with something that won't implicate himself: "Change." Doakes is all, "Whaaaaat?" "The beach changed names, the office used to be a soccer field..." Doakes, understanding dawning on his face, says, "Okay, things that have changed." Other cops start spouting "this used to be that"s, and even Deb chimes in from her corner of video amazingness that "they turned Versace's mansion into a hotel." Dexter looks almost ashamed for having brought it up, but perhaps he was throwing them off so he could pursue his own agenda.

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