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Darkly Dozing Dexter

Dexter shoves the last Bags of Gomez into the trunk and gets on the road. He's rubbing his eyes as he VOs about how this imperfect kill perhaps calls for some adjustments to his routine, but all things considered, he's juggling things okay. He looks at the prescription medicine on the passenger seat. Hey, maybe he IS pulling this off. His eyelids sure seem heavy. "I can do this," he assures us. Himself. Of course, that's before he spots Spectral Harry along the side of the road. Spectral Harry, as is often the case, is here to rattle Dexter's cage a bit. "Dexter!" he yells, "You don't need to sleep!" Dex begins to nod off, until Harry them appears in the middle of the road. "You need to wake up!" That's when Dexter jerks the wheel, takes the car into a skid, and flips it over about three and a half times. Blackout.

Well! I can honestly say I never saw that coming! As I said in the recaplet, I'll hazard a guess that on a show called Dexter, Dexter will live. But it worries me that we never saw him dispose of the Bags of Gomez.

Joe R hopes everybody learned a valuable lesson about getting enough sleep and not overworking yourself. In between giant cups of coffee, he'd love to hear from you at

What if Flashforward happened to Dexter? Find out.

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