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Because I Could Not Stop For Dex, He Kindly Stopped For Me

When he gets over to the blood-stained cot where Tucci lay, Masuka asks him if he got all the photos he needs. "Like shooting a Jackson Pollack," Dexter says. Masuka bags the bedding, and they move the mattress, which is filthy and gross. We can hear some rats scuttling around, and Masuka is a little freaked out. "We're all going to get histoplasmosis from all the shit in the dust. We'll be coughin' up lesions, mouth sores." Thanks for that adorable assessment, Masuka. Dexter shares my reaction: "Lovely." He then tells the crew to "hit the lights," and busts out the black light. Masuka keeps on about the rats, and Doakes tell him to shut up about them. As Dexter examines the scene, Deb shows up and is all, "You won't find anything. This is a bust, right?" "In so many words." "Which means I'm just jerkin' off 'til Tucci wakes up." Dexter tells her to take a break, and that she's been working too hard. "Or are you still avoiding a personal life?" "Fuck you!" she responds caustically. "And, yeah. I'm better off just focusing on the job." Dexter, after getting the lights turned back on, reminds her that her job and life don't have to be mutually exclusive. "If I found someone, so can you." "Yeah, the trouble is keeping them." Dex VOs, "Tell me about it," and if he's referring to Rita, then I don't get it. I thought they just "took things to the next level."

Speak of the Rita, and she appears! At the "Z" Hotel, where it seems she's taking a break. When she gets outside, she's immediately troubled at the sight of one of her cleaning ladies, who's folding towels and crying silently. Rita approaches her. "Yilena, are you okay?" "Sorry...I'm fine." "Ernesto hasn't arrived?" Apparently not. Hmm, I wonder what Ernesto resorted to in order to gain access to this fine yet tightly bordered country of ours. Rita takes Yelina aside, over to the water to talk some more. Yelina explains that someone monikered "The Coyote" wanted more money, but that she didn't have it. Rita expositions, "'The Coyote'? You mean, the man you paid to bring him here?" Yeline responds in the affirmative, continuing that this Coyote character threatened to send Ernest back to Cuba, but that was over a week ago and no one in his hometown has seen nor heard from him. Yikes, dude. That is severely uncool. So uncool that it's downright shitty. I wonder how often this type of thing actually happens, where opportunistic shit-bags take advantage of desperate illegals who just want to see their families. This shit makes me sad. Anyway, Rita asks Yelina how she contacted this guy, and she pulls out a piece of paper. "This used to be his number, but it doesn't work anymore. He told me to leave money in the park..." Rita tells her about how Dexter works for the police, but Yelina immediately protests, telling her that The Coyote said he'd hurt her family in Cuba. Rita comforts her, and says, "It's okay. Dexter will know what to do." I hope she means "find and kill The Coyote," because...yeah. This guy needs to go. Assuming he's actually killed someone, which he may not have.

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